– Thanks It’s Been Fun… Last Post For The World Is Broken –

Thanks by LunarThief @ Deviantart.com

With just over 100 posts under my belt, I would consider this to have been a very welcoming introduction to online blogging.  You guys have been great, especially for the month of February. 

The evolution of this site has been pretty surreal.  Originally I had so much clutter in my mind and no one to talk to about any of it.  I used this website to express what was in my head so that maybe I could get it off my mind.  It worked.  I have had some incredible highs and lows over the last six months, but it’s time to be moving on. 

It is far from perfect, but I don’t see my world as broken anymore.  That time in my life has slowly dissolved and now I have a new goal, a new perspective on my life and the world around me.  You can see the gradual change in my writing if you look back at my early work, and compared it to the more recent entries. 

Instead of ranting about social circumstances that I didn’t understand, or making pleas to society about what we need to do to make life around us better, I started writing about actual hard-news… television reviews… I started being that which I am learning to be… a journalist. 

It’s time for me to move on from The World is Broken, but alas this isn’t really something that the diehards should need to be mournful about, I am not getting out of this community. I will still be posting regularly on WordPress.. the only difference is that it will be posted to my own web-space, and I will be accompanied with a couple of other of my colleagues.

Yes, that is correct.  The World Is Broken has run its course, but I will be leaving everything here in case you get nostalgic and want to check it out in the future.. but I’m more my digital residence elsewhere.

Myself, and these two colleagues that will be accompanying me will be coming together to forge a new website where we can talk about what we deem to be necessary to talk about. 

Myself.. Devin Lee – a.k.a ShallopNewf
Kathryn Augot – a.k.a Aimiaiko
Mandy Poole – a.k.a Travelling Infinity

are going to be the writing team behind a new website called, “Scratching The Surface”. 

Thanks by Joyker @ Deviantart.com

Kathryn and I will be completing our journalism program in April, so although this is the end of our tenure here at the College of the North Atlantic… we are merely Scratching The Surface of our careers.  Mandy Poole is a first year student that shows incredible promise and I can only imagine what is going to come from her. 

Truth be told when I came up with the idea for Scratching The Surface and knew that I would be recruiting two people to write with me, I wanted Mandy on board because at least then even if I fail in my potential career I can take credit for being a part of her journalism career early on, because she will be someone significant in the future, I’m sure of it.

Anyway, the website is going to be up.. hopefully by Monday.  No promises on that though. 
Stay tuned folks, I’ll be putting the link up to the site here once it is done, and hopefully you’ll all come along with this move. 

Thanks for all the support guys, the count to date is over 2,500 views, I never imagined I would break 200. 
See you soon.


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