– Atlantic Canadians, Where You At? –

The World Is Broken is going inter-provincial in March.  Yes folks I’m informing all of you at the moment that between March 4th – 13th, I am taking this show on the road.  College of the North Atlantic is giving us our mid-term break and I do not intend to use it to just sit back and relax in my bed for nine days.

Atlantic Canada - My Home

Myself and Aimiaiko (click her name for her blog) alongside a couple of companions are going on a road trip.  This is going to be the last semester for us all to be students of the ever-hospitable CNA institution.  We debark for Port Aux Basques, NL on Friday to board whichever Marine Atlantic ferry is waiting for us.

We then enter the fantasy world (for some of us) of the Maritimes.  Without a concrete plan or any real familiarity of the area we intend to drive around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI all the while I will try to keep you all informed of our exploits.  This is not going to be an easy endeavor as we are mere students and need to work on a fixed budget but we are going to give it our all.

Aimiaiko has never been away from this rock of ours, except for one trip to New Orleans last summer for school.  She has never been to any other part of Atlantic Canada, it was only when I discovered this fact that I knew for a fact we have to make this trip happen.  I vacationed in Nova Scotia most summers growing up. New Glasgow, and Truro were mainly where I have been.  When I was too young to remember my parents brought me to PEI and New Brunswick… that doesn’t do me good right now though.

This wacky scheme will require me to do as many Open Mic’s at the local pub as I can.  They pay each night and it is money I can put away to a saving fund for this trip, also myself and Mr. Johnny Pardy will be playing a show with out roommate on the 3rd of March (I called our band “Spero”.  It is Latin, it means “to hope”), all of our money will be put towards this trip.  So we have our methods, financially.  Well mostly, it’s still going to be a stretch.

I have to say that I am pumped for this idea, the St. John’s fiesta is starting to get a little dry so we’re going to head west this time.

Aside from just going for the sake of going I am going to be cataloging our adventure and anything noteworthy will be recorded in some way.  We’ll have our Nikon’s for still photos, and we’ll document as much as we can. I still haven’t decided on Video, but that’s something that we’ll work out between now and then.

The World Is Broken is going to be updated throughout the journey as often as I can.  Coffee shops with free wi-fi, internet cafe’s, libraries… I’m sure I’ll find a way online somewhere.  But, what I am asking for now is a little bit of help.

Help Us by Sariels-Hope @ Deviantart.com

I’ll also be simultaneously working on a story for the next edition of “The Troubadour”, Newfoundland’s provincial youth newspaper that is produced entirely by the students of the Journalism program at CNA.  I’m hoping to get some valuable insight into our Atlantic neighbors so I’ll be talking to as many people along this journey as I can find.  If you feel like you have something to say, then by all means let me hear it.

This entry goes across Facebook, and Twitter so it is YOU the referred people checking out this entry that I want to talk to.

I want ideas, suggestions, input on what we can do and the best way to do it.  If you live in Nova Scotia and your town has something really incredible about it.  It could be something news-worthy, or it could just be really cheap drinks at happy hour… I want to hear about it.  We are literally going into this thing blind and are going to play it by ear.  We need help finding out the best places to go to, the best attractions to visit, the best pubs in Atlantic Canada, cheapest accommodations… seriously ANYTHING you can tell me about your province will help.

You can even be featured here when I do my entries.  I want to meet new people, I want to enjoy myself, and I want to experience the best this side of the country has to offer.  Any suggestions??

Suggestions can be made by commenting on this entry, sending me a tweet(the feed is on the right) or by e-mail to

Thanks Atlantic Canada!


3 thoughts on “– Atlantic Canadians, Where You At? –

  1. You need to go to Fredericton, and then go to the Lunar Rogue downtown, across from Tim Hortons. Why? Because I spent many an hour at the Lunar Rogue and I think everybody needs to go there and enjoy the many tasty, tasty beers available on tap. Good food too! Also, ridiculous amounts of scotch selections for those into that.


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