– Anywhere Else, We’d Still Be Shoveling –

It dawned on me yesterday that we do a lot of complaining about this town… this province.  As proud as I am to be a Newfoundlander it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the cynicism regarding all of the luxuries we don’t have.  The thought that Canada is composed of Alberta & Toronto is a very popular view around here.

Under The Snow by cynthiastiches @ Deviantart.com

On the flip side is also very easy as a Newfoundlander to complain about how there seems to be a mini-province in and of itself called St. John’s.  Everything else is just a barren wasteland, the power and decision makers are in St. John’s and work for the benefit of St. John’s.  Best example of this in the recent news would be the new CYFS (Child, Youth and Family Services) unit that was introduced to the Bay St. George campus of College of the North Atlantic.

The townies in St. John’s condemn this decision saying that it is just a political stride for Joan Burke to carry favor since there is an upcoming election around the corner and Stephenville happens to fall in her riding.

I say to that, why does it matter?  If you use the logic that programs like this should only be implemented where “most of the work is” then you will fail to offer anything outside of St. John’s.  I don’t care of Burke is pushing for votes or not, the fact that anything was done to benefit Newfoundlanders and it WASN’T centralized in St. John’s is something I believe is beneficial for everyone.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked, perhaps the St. John’s centralization will make a good post sometime down the road, but for now I want to get to the point of this entry.

I want to say that even though we have our ups and downs, and there has never been a more appropriate example of a love-hate relationship than the one I have with this community… I’m glad I’m here.

Yesterday there was a ridiculous amount of snow everywhere in Stephenville.  Driving was a hazard on the main streets, let along the side roads.  I had to bring my roommate back to Clancy’s to get his car, but in the process I ended up turning onto one those said-side streets and got stuck pretty deep in knee-high snow. 

Stuck by Raven-Alexandria13 @ Deviantart.com

I’m not a small guy, but my roommate is, there was no way we were getting the car out.  So there we were trying to get free without any success… the car wasn’t budging.  Lo and behold, two different vehicles pull over and get out to give a hand.  The second guy stating, “this’ll be the 12th car today”

He had just left the swimming pool where almost every car in the parking lot needed some help.  This dumbfounded me because I was thinking, in almost any other major center or province you would not see that kind of assistance. 

If this was downtown Toronto I’m sure we would’ve had to call for a tow, but here we were getting help by just random strangers.  The three of us, with my roommate driving still struggled to get the car loose.  After a few moments I catch a figure moving from up the road, there is another guy on his way to give us a hand with a shovel in hand.  He too also mentioned that this is not the first car he helped with on this particular morning. 

He arrived at the car and barely said a word just started shoveling underneath and around.  Between the four of us pushing, the car became dislodged.  I thanked everyone for their help and drove away.  Even hours later I was thinking to myself, “If we had been in almost any other city, we would still be there shoveling and pushing to get that car loose.”

When events like this occur it really helps you realized that sometimes it is really easy to be critical of a community or a situation, but to take note of all the good that can be found is hazy at best sometimes.

So if you are reading this and you did anything this week, month, or year to help a complete stranger, then I applaud you sir.  Kudos. 

Maybe this world isn’t as doomed as the media would like to make you believe.  People are rioting in Egypt, and practically the entire Middle East, but there is still some humanity and good-nature left here.  Who would’ve thought eh?