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Feminism "Men Are Pigs!" by TypoCity @ Deviantart.com

So as most of you may already be aware, I am a journalism student at the College of the North Atlantic.  Well, here’s a little interesting tidbit for you.  As an elective here in my final semester I am taking a Women’s Studies course.  It actually has been pretty interesting thus far, so far I only had to find experts and pose questions to challenge one thing that was said in class.  It’s not a man-bashing class, which is a big relief and makes me feel like I am not getting myself into something that’ll end up with me in trouble.

I’m pretty sure my parents were afraid that this decision would lead to endless arguments and maybe a homicide of my instructor, but truth be told we get along great and I think she has been one of the most thought-provoking instructors I’ve had, (with the exception of Fred Campbell). 

Anyway, part of the course that I decided to participate in as an assignment is to keep a reflective journal.  After every class there needs to be a new entry where you reflect on something that came to you or was inspired by the class.  I thought it would work excellent for me since I already do this blog thing anyway. 

In the interest of keeping things separate and easily organized I have a different WordPress URL for the journal, but in the interest of still sharing my journalistic travels and insights with anyone looking to follow I will post the new entries here as they come.  So, here you go. Enjoy.  Click the image below or Here to view the journal,

Blondes Are Dumb by Shadowstar_287 @ Deviantart.com

3 thoughts on “– A New Blog: Insight Into Gender Equality –

  1. My favorite red herring is this one “Women and Men are NOT equal… Men are biologically stronger and bigger, where women are smaller and more fragile.” Early developmental biology tells us that the genetic pattern, our sizes, dimensions, gender, emotions, and sexual orientation is decided within the first two months of being in the womb. Specifically the point you should capture is that no one is equal, we are all genetically divergent people.

    However physical inequality is not an argument to exonnerate the actual argument feminists make, that is social inequality. Social inequality is historical patterns and social behavior shaping an expected outcome or a communally desired destiny. That is women are in the kitchen, blacks are serving whites, Mexicans, are shot on sight and Indians are kept in reserves. It is something that applies not only to women but to many other groups of people. You can also see this in Canada’s refusal to refer to Quebec as a distinct nation until 2008 (after over 80 years of battles). There is a accepted pattern and when someone attempts to break it those around them respond differently.

    As a simple example of gender inequality, take my program, Heavy Equipment Operator. The first page of our text book is used to instill confidence in women, that is women make the best heavy equipment operators because of a better center of balance. Women have harder times finding work as an operator because employers do not want to have to setup separate facilities (washrooms) for women. There is also the bias that women are less capable in men (IE: my opinion on female gamers). So there are hundreds of programs encouraging women to become a tradesman and yet the program is still weak. When I first got into the school there were five heavy equipment operators in training. One graduated and four dropped out. A new one showed up recently and it looks like she is dropping out.

    As a final point of boredom. Consider reverse gender inequality in this situation. In the movie “Meet the Parents” Gaylord Focker is a male nurse. Everywhere he goes he gets a negative reaction from this and is made fun of it. How easy is it for men to enter a pink collared job like nursing or daycare? How many men do you see or expect to see in these occupations? I suspect if there were more male oriented programs to getting men into these professions you’d see a slight increase in the number of male nurses.

    I don’t think you can deny gender inequality anymore. It might suck being the guy who doesn’t have access to 300 scholarships when enrolled in the exact same program but it also sucks being the only woman in a room full of young mechanics who have been driving ATVs and fixing cars since they barely graduated from high school.

  2. I did that course back in 06 when I did the community studies program. back then it was being taught by one DA, and it was a man bashing class, glad they took the man bashing out of the course. equality is equality, men and women should be equal. This past year I was the only male in a female dominated occupation, and I enjoyed it, makes no difference to me if I work with males or females. By the way, nice to see another fellow Newfoundlander on WP…great blog you have here!

    1. I know it’s been a while since You commented, but I just wanted to say thanks. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a whole lot of man bashing in the course, but to be completely honest I’m not sure if that would’ve been the case if I wasn’t so vocal. I think if I was just a guy that would sit there and listen to what was being said instead of speaking up for the male gender possibly the conversations may have steered in a completely different direction.

      I think I set the pace for how conversations would go between me and my instructor when they showed us an old video about the Salem witch hunts and they quoted the figure of millions when they talked about women being murdered during this time. I remembered when I was young I read about this and the number was closer to the tens of thousands, no where near millions. When I voiced that opinion in class it was met with a bit of dismissal, as in the instructor was so sure the video was right. Of course I had no evidence to back my claim so I left class and e-mailed three different experts I found online from various universities that specialize in the trials… they all agreed with me. I took the e-mails to my instructors office (away from the rest of the class) and she acknowledged the validity of my claim and the next class she mentioned it.

      It wasn’t a me vs her or vice versa it was very respectful and I think from that point on she realized that I knew what I was talking about when I would debate the Male Vs Female debate. 😛

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