– Lack of representation? – Women’s Study Journal Entry

Here it is, the first entry of my women’s studies journal.  This is quoting a handout that we had in class today that argued that women are not properly represented in parliament.  I humbly have to disagree with that statement because I think the gender issue is not something that is commonly seen in politics.

There ARE more men in politics, but women are just as welcome and taken just as seriously when they venture into the political ring.  This is my explanation.  Enjoy.

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– A New Blog: Insight Into Gender Equality –

Feminism "Men Are Pigs!" by TypoCity @ Deviantart.com

So as most of you may already be aware, I am a journalism student at the College of the North Atlantic.  Well, here’s a little interesting tidbit for you.  As an elective here in my final semester I am taking a Women’s Studies course.  It actually has been pretty interesting thus far, so far I only had to find experts and pose questions to challenge one thing that was said in class.  It’s not a man-bashing class, which is a big relief and makes me feel like I am not getting myself into something that’ll end up with me in trouble.

I’m pretty sure my parents were afraid that this decision would lead to endless arguments and maybe a homicide of my instructor, but truth be told we get along great and I think she has been one of the most thought-provoking instructors I’ve had, (with the exception of Fred Campbell). 

Anyway, part of the course that I decided to participate in as an assignment is to keep a reflective journal.  After every class there needs to be a new entry where you reflect on something that came to you or was inspired by the class.  I thought it would work excellent for me since I already do this blog thing anyway. 

In the interest of keeping things separate and easily organized I have a different WordPress URL for the journal, but in the interest of still sharing my journalistic travels and insights with anyone looking to follow I will post the new entries here as they come.  So, here you go. Enjoy.  Click the image below or Here to view the journal,

Blondes Are Dumb by Shadowstar_287 @ Deviantart.com

– Forget Geico, Tony Clement Is The Man Saving Me Money! –

Ladies and Gentlemen this is it, my 100th post!  Thank you for reading and actually being interested in the ramblings of this random Journalism student.  I wanted to do something special and do something great, but really there is something that I want to write about because I have a new hero in my life.  Mr Tony Clement. Here is why

Minister of Industry, Tony Clement.

For those of you that are not Canadian, or just don’t follow politics.  Tony Clement is the federal Minister of Industry, and he came in swinging earlier today to save a lot of internet users from gross charges brought about by the CRTC.  Thank you Mr. Clement.

The CRTC decided to approve usage-based internet service to wholesalers that was being requested by Bell Canada.  This would mean that users like myself that is privy to a lot of downloading would be face with an internet bill in the hundreds every month. 

Netflix customers would definitely be hit hard by this new policy, anyone that essentially uses the internet for anything other than just casual browsing.  This is something that could’ve been implemented back when 28.8kbps modems were all the rage but in today’s society when even the average user is comfortable watching movies and downloading music from the internet.

I mean, if you watch a couple of Netflix HD movies here, and download an album there you are already at your cap and every time you check your e-mail you are progressive being charged more for your service.  Mr. Clement you are a godsend to your constituents and although I have traditionally tried to stay on the fence when it comes to politics I am in your debt sir.

Before leaving St. John’s Rogers was implementing their usage-based billing system.  I was sent a preview one month with my bill showing me how much I would’ve been charged under the new system.  All of a sudden my $60 bill, would have costed me between $700-$800.  I do a LOT on the internet, I’m sorry.  I’m just one person, people with small businesses running out of their homes could have an even higher usage charge then that.

Bandwidth limit is not a viable way to charge consumers for this kind of service, it isn’t even close to being justifiable.  The money that ISP’s are making with their current rates are enough to make them wealthy beyond most industries in the country.

So, in short I want to say, Thank you again Mr. Clement.  You are a saint and scholar sir!


Since this is the 100th post and it should be something special, I’m going to use the end of it here to let you all know that the roommates and I will be putting off a show at Clancy’s Pub on the 3rd of March. 

Clancy's Pub, Stephenville Newfoundland

I’ve spent a lot of the last 6 months thinking about Kelly, and missing her immensely to the point where it started driving me insane.  It’s been going on 9 years and she’s still on my mind.  So the revelation I had about a month or so ago was that I am going to finally lay her memory to rest and try to move on with my life, so I’m going to play a show.  It’s going to be dedicated to her, and will be right before the kick off to CNA’s mid-term break.

This is going to be my first, and quite possible, last show that I ever really play in public.  I feel like I lost the passion I had for performing, music is still there but performing is not so much.  I think I’ll need some kitchen parties to recapture it.. oh well in the meantime like I said, I hope I can see you guys out. 

Another reason I’m putting it here is because I’m asking for some help.  Song ideas are welcome, we’re trying to finish off a set list for the show.  But also, we need a name.  The “band” consists of Me, Jawsh Nickerson and Johnny Pardy.. so feel free to share any ideas.