– Avril Lavigne, What The Hell? –

The new single for Avril Lavigne’s upcoming album is aptly named, “What The Hell?” and it is by far the most fitting song title for the video that I just watched on VEVO.  First and foremost I want to get a little bit of a disclaimer here before I go too far into this entry.

I know exactly what a lot of you are thinking at the moment, and it involves a thought process where Avril Lavigne is such a terrible, phony artist that has no credibility whatsoever.  I mean she pretended to be a skater punk, she ripped off numerous songs, and there is nothing truly original about her. . . okay, did you manage to get that out of your system?

Avril Lavigne in What The Hell via Splash News.

Yes, I know she was introduced with that Skater image and as she grew as a woman who slowly became less and less predominant in her image.  Was she just a poser that was marketed right by the record label?  Even if she was I fail to see the issue.  It was a genius marketing gimmick that separated her from the pop divas at the time and gave her a real big head start on her career.  Isn’t it at least the tiniest part plausible that she simply just grew up?  I mean how many of you girls out there spent a lot of your childhood being against wearing dresses and being “feminine”.  My guess is that there is a lot of you out there that either lived this way herself or knew someone who did.  Just as I say that I’m confident that as you/your friend got older there became more instances where a dress was preferred and being “a very beautiful girl” was something you longed for.  How do we know this wasn’t the case with Avril?… anyway.

She pretty much tanked at live shows when she started, I remember seeing her on one of the late night shows performing Complicated and I was thinking to myself, “this girl is going nowhere”.  But, fortunately for her, the gimmick of the skater punk kept her on the charts long enough for her to learn how to sing live, and now she is actually a pretty good artists.

I’m not gonna vouch for her saying she’s anywhere near my top 10 favorite artists, but I refuse to be a sheep among the herd and berate the poor girl because of societies ignorance.  Now that the ranting about her in particular is done, let’s get to the content I wanted to write about.

“What the Hell?” the new music video by Avril.  If you have not checked it out yet, then by all means scroll to the bottom and click the box.  Watch this video and remember who we are talking about.  If you forget Avril’s early days just go and watch the Skater Boy video afterwards.  Wow, what a transformation.

Okay, actually you know what. Let me get something else out-of-the-way.  Avril Lagvine is incredibly hot in this video.  She may not be everyone’s type but the opening scene in the bed with just her undies shows that Avril has come a long way, not only in the musical department, but in her physical prowess.  She has become a bombshell, with newly defined curves (something that was lacking on her body originally) … in essence I couldn’t avoid mentioning it because I know this is what is going to catch your eye.

This girl is all grown up now, and although I wont spend too much of my day defending her, I think anyone that is going to blindly take a look at her career, even this video in particular and dismiss it as pop culture, mainstream fluff, is narrow-minded and acting more like a follower then the drones that listening to whatever MTV tells them to.

I guess the Mainstream trend of hating mainstream in itself is a blog that needs to be written at some point, but right now I’m just going to stick to Avril.

On the surface this song is pretty forgettable, other than seeing Avril in her bra and panties, there really isn’t anything that sticks out about this video.  However, looking at it carefully, listening to the lyrics, and trying to grasp the concept of the video (even if the director did not do a very good job portraying it)

Avril Lavigne in What The Hell via Splash news

The video is just a juvenile attempt at showing rebelliousness, it fails.  However, if you look past the fail you get the message of this song and video.  Avril is not growing up anymore.. she’s grown.  She boasts that she is tired of doing what is expected of her and what she is told to do and she wants to have some fun.  She’s an adult and should be capable to do that.  The song is not overly catchy, and only moderately well written.

I highly doubt that this is going to be a part of her greatest hits 10 years from now, but looking at it as a musician it’s pretty clear that the sentiment to the song actually means something to her.  It goes to show you don’t need to be brooding or angry to express that you are tired of the norm and want to change.

All in all, I just had to write this because as I mentioned earlier this is the furthest thing I expected to come from Avril.  Maybe it’s due in part to the fact that I still somewhat have the image of the little skater girl in my head and even though videos like Don’t Tell Me, and even Girlfriend, show that she is growing and being increasingly sexually stimulating in her work, I think it never sunk in until I saw her in her unmentionables telling her boyfriend,

“You say that I’m messing with your head, all because I was making out with your friend.”

Okay, it’s time to take a brief moment for all the women reading this to get the chant of “SLUT! SKANK! HOE!” out of their system, and time for the guys to recover themselves after the thought of Avril being easy.. if you need a towel please do so at this time.



So like I said.  Avril’s new sound doesn’t really echo anything that we didn’t already see a million times, what makes this song justified in talking about is that it is Avril Lavigne, (I guess that leaves the argument that if the song was sung by an unknown it wouldn’t have the same impact… does that mean the song itself isn’t all that important as much as who sings it is?.. anyway, that’s another blog.)

Just to end this little talk, I actually had a realization about half way through this entry that I am pretty sure the reason why this song did kind of speak to me, besides the obvious throw to Avril’s appearance, is because the attitude publicized in the song is somewhat the outlook I have had on things for quite some time now.  I spent too long doing what others expected of me… I was a shrink for everyone which led me to go crazy,  I went to university right out of high school like mom wanted, which ended up with me being a drop out… historically I’ve come across nothing but tragedy when I did what was expected of me, if it was for the wrong reasons.

The only real peace I found was when I started doing the things I needed to do to better my own life, and then see if I can help others out in the spare time. That’s what this song is about, doing whats right for you, not making any excuses and living your life.

I can only imagine the flack that I may receive from the musically inclined friends that I have that are of the impression that if something is mainstream it’s crap and serves no purpose, and if it isn’t obscure you are just NOT THAT INTO MUSIC.


Anyway, check it out.  My verbal diarrhea has been satisfied for this evening.


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