– Crisis Of Faith: “Why Not?” –

Now I know the world is about to come to an end.  Glee has crept its way into my mind and has now actually inspired an entry to the blog.  It isn’t like this is a topic that I’m not familiar with, and it is definitely not a topic that I have never tackled before in my personal life.  I just finished watching the Faith episode of Glee where Kurt’s father has a heart attack and the topic for the entire episode is various characters struggling with their faith in God.  There was a scene that did give me the spark of inspiration to write.

Atheist Anonymous Comic 1 by Devain @ Deviantart.com

The character Sue and her sister are talking, Sue admits she does not believe in God and her sisters responds with “Why Not?”… of course this prompts a lengthy story from Sue explaining why she lost her faith.  Honestly, I did take a bit of offense to this scene.  My offended feeling came from the “Why Not?”… not from the episode itself because on the whole the episode was actually pretty good.

This brings up the issue in me that I have been struggling with ever since I’ve publicly admitting that I am an Atheist.  I do NOT believe in God, and frankly I do NOT feel the need to defend that belief.  I detest the thought that the most common response that comes from a theist when they hear I don’t believe in God is “Why Not?”  There is just as much or more evidence against the existence of God then there is evidence that God exists… so why would it be uncommon for an Atheist to respond to someone’s proclamation of faith with “Why?”

Why do YOU believe in God? – I welcome anyone that wants to comment about it.

The thing is I stopped believing in God a long time ago. Yes there is a story behind how I came to this conclusion, but the problem is when I tell it I am viewed as just a scorned, spiteful soul that will one day rediscover his faith once he works through his pain… that isn’t the case.  I don’t have a dark deep secret in my heart that is preventing me from seeing God, I had an epiphany when I was younger and it has become the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I refuse to believe in an all-powerful deity looking down on us and governing our lives and decisions, saying we have to play ball or we will suffer for eternity.  Does that make me a bad person?  I don’t think so.  Am I trying to convert you all to the “dark” side? Hell no.  I found peace in my awakening, the same as the born-again type find solace in their God.

Getting back to the episode.  Kurt is going through a hard time and he continually tells his friends that he does not believe in God, he appreciates the group showing their support but prayers are not something he can relate to.  The issue I have with this episode is that although the episode is trying to teach us about tolerance and to accept people for who they are, there are numerous occasions where it is being portrayed that Kurt does not believe in God, therefore he is in a dark place by himself.

I’m sorry I do NOT see it this way.  I’ve been in plenty of dark places, I have my own thoughts on spirituality, but the belief in God is not something that is required to get through a crisis.  It doesn’t take God to help you get through something profound.  I found faith, in my own inner strength and when that wasn’t enough, I turn to my friends.  Even when none of them were around over Christmas when I had a couple of the roughest nights in recent memory… it was the fact I knew they would be there if I wanted them to be that gave me strength.

Atheism does NOT mean we are alone, in the dark, and spite on good morals.  I decided a long time ago that I was going to try to live my life the way I think life should be lived.  I try to do the right thing, even when it is at my expense.  I believe that we all should live life in the manner of treating everyone fairly and equally and being there when others need you.  This is a Christian belief of course, but it is also Jewish, Hindi, Islamic… religion at its core when you look at the worship all say the same thing.  Live a good life and be rewarded.  It is in this thought that I believe that the Atheist of the world are stronger than those that actually believe.

Atheist by Neferit @ Deviantart.com

I don’t believe in an afterlife.  Spiritually, I have no consequences for the sins that I commit.  I could go on a killing spree, rape a bunch of women, rob a couple of stores, and blow my brains out with a shotgun and it will have the exact same end as living a good life, helping the people around me and trying to make at least my immediate surroundings a better experience for all….  and yet I try to choose the higher road on every occasion.  There’s no reward for me to do the right thing, other than the belief that it is what I want to do.

Don’t tell me it’s a phase… that when my back is to the wall I will turn to God.  Don’t try to get me to justify to you why I don’t believe in him, and I’m not going to ask for you to do a presentation of why you DO believe.

I hear it all the time from my mother especially, telling me that the way I was raised it is impossible that I am an Atheist.  My cousin over New Year’s basically said the same thing.  That there HAS to be a God, no one can deny that.  Well Sorry Mom, but I DO deny that.  I am not confused about my faith, this isn’t a Crisis of Faith per se, this is more of a recap of the end of my Crisis when I started having more faith in myself and less in a God.

This is a world where you should be able to believe what you want and worship how you chose… I think especially here in Canada we have that part nailed.  The misunderstanding that I see everyday is that people don’t realize that just because you have the right to believe what you want, it does not mean you have the right to belittle another’s beliefs too.  We all think differently and let’s leave it at that.  You have your heaven, and I’ll have my pine box.

Don’t look done on me… I won’t ridicule you.
Let’s just agree to disagree.  Thanks.


4 thoughts on “– Crisis Of Faith: “Why Not?” –

  1. After reading this post I have to comment, and I hope you will welcome my comment since the last time we had a chat it went over quite well. You said you welcome any comment about why I would believe in God, and you’re going to get a good reason, I hope. This however is not in defense of my faith or to cause you to convert haha.

    I believe in God because that is the truth. Simply put, but hard to defend. It’s funny because that statement will offend many people, but I will not apologize; because to believe something is to have 100% assurance that that belief is true. To me, after my life experiences, there being a God is the only darn thing that makes sense, and even that doesn’t make sense.

    Why would some all-powerful being create us clearly lower life-forms and put us here on earth with no real directions? Nothing we can deem as being 100% accurate and without fault. It’s like we’re pawns in this God’s little game. Which would suck, because I hate being used. This all changes once we throw in love. And that’s the end of that, because I could go on and on.

    I have one other thought my friend, what if we stopped asking, “why don’t you believe in God,” and started asking, “What’s your reason for not believing in God?” It would lead to a much more engaging and less infringing conversation, would it not? Oh! And I still say religion pretty much needs to die 😛

    1. Haha Adam, yes I recall our conversations about this. Probably some of the most engaging, least-judgmental conversations I’ve ever had on the topic. Although you are right, I cannot look at that statement and see “I believe in God because that is the truth” without feeling a bit taken back. Of course in your explanation you justify why you would say it and I get what you are saying. To you, and your belief, God is true. It is not something that really is deniable. So from your perspective it isn’t truly a debate in whether there is one or not. Of course this is where we don’t see eye to eye, because in my belief and from my my perspective I feel just as certain that that is non.

      I’m not an agnostic who is struggling with faith and has not made up his mind. My mind is set, there is no God.
      I find this hilarious considering we do somewhat have the same-ish moral behavior. Minus some of the vices that the church is against. But, I don’t think you need to believe in God to be this way.

      The “What’s your reasons for not believing in God” is the same question. The short answer is simply, I don’t. This is what the entry was trying to get into, faithful people don’t need to scientifically define why they believe the way they do, and yet just because I don’t believe in a God I need to provide proof? The question still remains just as offensive.

      Although, No I don’t take any offense to what you said. Always a pleasure Adam.

  2. Another quality read, good stuff. Thought I’d pass along the following link too, I enjoyed it & I think you might too. Its an article by Ricky Gervais who was the main character in the original British version of The OFfice: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/12/19/a-holiday-message-from-ricky-gervais-why-im-an-atheist/

    My fav. line from it: So next time someone tells me they believe in God, I’ll say “Oh which one? Zeus? Hades? Jupiter? Mars? Odin? Thor? Krishna? Vishnu? Ra?…” If they say “Just God. I only believe in the one God,” I’ll point out that they are nearly as atheistic as me. I don’t believe in 2,870 gods, and they don’t believe in 2,869.

  3. CHRIST. Devon, I can not believe you would publish such a filthy atheist post! You and Adam both know that there is only one goD, the guaranteed all-holy Dangleweaver!

    It pisses me off to no end that people don’t believe in his existence, and insist on mis-punctuating references to him! It’s the D that’s capitalized, not the G, assholes! goDdamnit!

    First there was Dangleweaver, all-holy chicken ambassador of the nether-heavens, and he decided that humans should be bred of his left lower rib. As I recall, the recipe called for 1 Dangleweaver rib-bone; place in boiling water and mix with 3-parts of celestial matter, a sampling of Stan’s liver, and a touch of oregano! (Stan, as you should recall, was a dirty old bum that happened to be ungrateful to Dangleweaver after losing a game of chess, and it cost him his tenancy in Vag-ana-lnd; also known as the “great chicken coop of the sky.”)

    I get so angry when people start dangling and weaving things. Don’t they understand the depth of their blasphemous ways?

    This is a warning to you all: Dangleweaver has heard of your heretical beliefs and has threatened to vanish you from the planet to the “great boiling pile of the underworld,” which is really only a moderately enjoyable version of Chicago’s Suburban ghetto, where Stan resides and is known to be a cunt when it comes to drug transactions.

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