– Just When You Think You’re Talking To Yourself –

The title may be a slight exaggeration, I don’t think I’m talking to myself.  In fact as odd as it feels I know that there is actually people who are reading this blog on a regular basis.  I’m not reaching the numbers of mainstream, superstar bloggers, but I do actually have the interest of a small group of readers and for that I am flattered. 

Currently I am three episodes deep in my journey through the world of Glee and you can all expect that review to be up as soon as I get caught up to the up to date episode of the show.  I did enjoy writing the Big Bang review, even with the error that was made, and I’m looking forward to completing the next one. 

The error in my review of BBT is indirectly the muse of this particular entry.  I commented in the review saying that the laugh track is used way to much.  It was pointed out that the show is indeed filmed in front of a live studio audience and the laugh sounded artificial to me because of the editing and post production of the show.  For that I apologize to you the reader.  The Glee review will be written more carefully. 

The reason I felt the urge to write about the mistake is because it led to the first major piece of constructive criticism that I have received by a reader of the blog.  I have never met this individual and that alone gives me a feeling that this blog has the potential to be more than simply me ranting about my friends, to my friends, for my friends. 

I also saw that the name on the comment had a Macleans online e-mail address, so of course I plugged it into google out of curiosity.  The search provided me with the blog of Jaime Weinman at Mcleans.ca. Whether this is really the guy or not I am flattered none the less by the input and I want to encourage everyone that is reading this blog, whether you are a friend of mine, another blogger, or a news anchor for CBC to please do so.

The role of this blog is to better prepare me for the real world when I finish this Journalism program at CNA.  This is not really the original mandate of this website but definitely what it has evolved into.  I will take any and all input from any and all sources. 

Anyway, I was just shown a very interesting news article about a lady that had a Kinder Surprise egg seized while trying to enter the United States, and I must read more.