– John Lennon Was Wrong –

All You Need Is Love – The Beatles (From Across The Universe)

There is a reason why I used the Across The Universe of this song to reference in this entry.  Simply put, I understand that Lennon originally wrote this song as a social commentary about what the world should be doing in the hopes of ending wars.  Lennon was telling planet Earth that we don`t need to fight, All we need is love.  In Across the Universe it is used in the more literal sense with Jude singing to Lucy (who he doesn`t know can actually hear him)  It is in this context that I made my entry.

Artwork by Alan Aldridge found at http://www.mrmusichead.com/artists/aldridge19.html

All you need is love is a very nice concept, but I apologies to all the hopeless romantics out there, this ideal does not hold any weight when it comes to real world execution.  Love alone is not enough in and of itself, there has to be more.  There has to be compatibility, there has to be like-minded ambition, I mean the list is near endless.   When I think back and take a look at the relationships that I know of that stayed together simply because “I Love them”… I think of abusive relationships that I’ve seen where the victim would always respond with those words every time someone would ask them “Why don’t you just leave?” … I think of the couple that is fighting all the time, never see eye to eye on anything, they have nothing in common and they can’t stand to be in each others company, and yet they stay a couple because of love.

Maybe I am being too cynical, maybe instead of ranting about Love not being enough on its own I should analyze the concept of people not truly knowing what Love is.  For the most part those examples I gave could yield the same responses when the person has simply conceded to submission which doesn’t mean they are sticking around because of love, it is more so because psychologically they don’t believe there is another option.

All You Need is Love by Ry Spirit @ Deviantart.com

I think I’m going to far on a tangent though.  The focus of this entry is a rant about how although you cannot have a true relationship without love, it is not the only pre-requisite to happiness.

The muse of this entry?  Well, I’ve never been one to not be honest on this sight so I guess I should fill you in on what the inspiration of this entry is eh?  Well, I was at Clancy’s last night, there were loads of people there, friends and strangers alike.  I started looking around, seeing couples.  Some happy, some not-so-happy.  I started thinking about my own past experiences in that area.  For some reason the Beatles came into my head and I got this song on repeat in my mind ever since.  I think it stuck with me because I’m old enough now and went through enough to speak from experience when I say that Lennon had it wrong.

There is no evidence more clear to this fact than my previous relationship when as I told everyone and continue to tell everyone, Love was never a concern.  Love was never the emotion in question.. it was the relationship.  If you talk to anyone who even moderately knows me you’ll get the same response for the most part.  Everyone knows that I was in Love, but at the same time they will admit that the relationship was fail.  It had to end, tragically it means that about 9 months ago I had to pull the plug on a relationship where both parties involved were in love… but it was for the best.  Her life is better, and I’ve got another learning experience under my belt.

I’m hoping this does not come off as preachy or whiny or anything because that really is not the point.  As I said this is just a long-winded rant that is easily summed up in the title of the entry, “Lennon was Wrong.”  I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, with my lack of Christmas spirit and my general mellow demeanor lately it’s been a struggle trying to figure out what’s going on in this mess of a mind of mine.  All signs go back to one simple concept… one that is increasingly difficult to admit.  But, well… The only conclusion I can draw is that I am just really tired of single life.  I’ve had some times over the last 9 months and the freedom is indeed intoxicating.  The ability to come and go as I please without every truly having to explain myself to anyone for any reason is incredible and although it isn’t a liberty I am eager to sacrifice… I think I’m too social at the core to keep it up and find any real kind of happiness.  So, after 9 months and various female exploits, I think I’ve actually hit the point where I am ready.

I told this to Gerard last night in what started off as just a normal conversation, but since then has blossomed into a moment of clarity.  Single life was fun, but I’m ready to get back into the sharing of it with someone else.  Strange enough for me to be saying this, especially considering the last few months… but I am finally ready to starting seeing people again.

So now begins to tiring process of keeping both eyes open and waiting to see what comes along.  Granted this does not mean that I am about to turn into an old perv that is going to hit on anything with a vagina that says hello.  I still stand by my non-creepy tactics.  Besides, I may be finally ready to be with someone, that does not mean that I am making it my priority to find someone.  There is a  lot I need to get through first, School needs to take the forefront of my priorities this semester, as well as I need to fight the battle of living a non-takeout/alcohol/soft-drink live that I experimented with for the last three weeks successfully.

The credits are beginning to role on this season.  I would say in my expert opinion of noticing the changing seasons my this life…  The next season begins next week, as soon as school is back in session.

It’s almost time for me to write my Farewell to 2010, and make my mission statement for 2011.