– I Am The Hare –

The Tortoise And The Hare by Beavotron @ Deviantart.com

Through all of my high school years, three years in Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, and now into my second year at the College of the North Atlantic I have always known about my mentality when it comes to school work.  To be honest it seems to be the mindset that I carried with me through just about everything I’ve done.  It only dawned me the other day while preparing for my Ethics exam that there is a near perfect representation in literature for my approach.  The Tortoise and The Hare. I am the Hare.

I’ve said this numerous times that there is nothing that I have come across in this current program that I felt was even remotely challenging.  It is a boast that I still cling to today.  I have not been challenged at all by the work itself, but merely by the window of time I left myself to do it.  Nothing was challenging, but the assigned work that required a great deal of time was left to the last-minute.  So albeit it was easy, it was time-consuming and unfortunately my superb procrastination did not leave me enough time to complete these objectives to optimal quality.  I talk a big game when I say that of all of my classmates, I should be at the top of the class, there isn’t anyone that can match me when it comes to all around ability.  It’s true individually I’m probably not the best at everything, but I have more of an ability to excel in just about every aspect of this course more so than my peers.  I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but I know that this is true.  My abilities are what get me through when it comes to crunch time.  At the 13th hour when it would be too late for the average person to even dream about catching up and getting through the year, I find myself in a position where all that is required is an effort.

Thankfully it IS an effort that I was able to muster.  I am going to pass this year, and I will be back after Christmas to finish this program.  The embarrassing part is that someone with my comprehension should not be worrying about passing courses, not these courses.  I should be straight-A’s not barely getting by.

Just to map out my hell week.  In the span of one week there was so much to do.

A Presentation on our research paper.  This research paper was supposed to be started in September, we should have been working on this all through the semester.  The night before we had to give a 10 minute presentation on our topic I found out that I had less than 18 hours to get my presentation ready.  Problem was, I didn’t have a topic.  I submitted a topic idea to my instructor and by midnight I started researching my topic, “The Ernest Harmon Air Force Base.”  By 9:30, not only did I have a presentation ready to go, but I believe that I did extremely well in the presentation.

Then the research paper itself was due Wednesday, once again this is something that was assigned in September.  I managed again to pull an all nighter and get the assignment in.  I’m not ecstatic with the final product but I believe I should have done okay.

In Ethics, the course I was in fear of failing, I had to write a court story but unfortunately I wasn’t in attendance when the class went over weeks ago.  I took Adam and Paul (two classmates) with me and we went to the court on Tuesday to sit in on a decision, then proceeded to go back and write it almost as soon as we returned to the school.

Now I have the exams. My hell week has concluded, and now I look ahead with only one exam left.  Depending on how bad I did in the research paper, I may need a decent mark in the exam to scrape by, but when I conclude this blog I will get at studying for that.

I crammed so much work into such a short time, running on two hours sleep at times.  Sure I woke up Monday afternoon and didn’t get to sleep anymore until late Wednesday night.  My body hated me during this time but I achieved my near-impossible goals and I hope that I have actually learned my lesson this time.  I haven’t come this close to failing before.

Now for the Hare reference, for those that have not heard the story before.  The story of the Tortoise and the Hare is the origin of the line, “Slow and Steady wins the race.”  I’m not going to go into the entire story but the premise is basically that a tortoise and a hare has a race.  The hare doesn’t take it seriously because he knows he’s going to win.  During the race the hare decides that he’s so far ahead he has time for a break, and falls asleep.  He sleeps too long though and the tortoise ends up winning.

Procrastine by Sp1nderella @ deviantart.com

That’s what I have been for the majority of my life.  I’m the hare.  I don’t take anything overly serious because I can always recover to matter how far behind I find myself.  The following will be an attempt to say this without sounding completely conceited;  there is no one in the second year or post diploma journalism class that should achieve a higher GPA then me.  However, especially this semester, I will probably be of the bottom of the class.

Why?  Well, because I “took a nap.” If I would’ve stayed on top of things from the beginning of the semester I do not believe that anyone would be coming close.  Hell, look at it like this.  I left out between 15-30% in every one of my courses by simply not passing in some assignments, and yet I do believe I will end up with competitive marks to that of my classmates.  Imagine if I would’ve at least completed those assignments, not even considering if I did them well or not.

I took a nap while the class continued the race, and as they approached the finish line I am waking up only to sprint towards the end to at least finish this race.

I’m 25 years old, maybe it is time that I start doing something about this.  We’re always told that admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery, but one thing someone should remind us is that there are more than one step.  This is a problem I’ve been admitting too for about 20 years, I think it’s time to more to step 2 and start doing something about it.

This isn’t just when it comes to school, my physical fitness falls into this category as well.  I make a lot of plans, and admit that I have an issue that I want to fix… but again it’s a problem I’ve admitted to for years, just never seemed to do anything about it.

Both of this issues are going to be resolved.  School can’t be done until next semester, but I’m predicting next semester is going to be the one that I truly show Mr. Frank Carroll what I am capable of.  Fitness-wise, well I’ve already given up soft drinks, and despite some temptation by That Mexican DJ – I’ve managed to fight off all thoughts of going to McDonald’s for about a week now (even though the thought frequently crosses my mind.) I also don’t drink anymore, and truth be told I don’t really even miss it.  Weird Eh?

Anyway, It’s time to round out this semester with hopefully a good mark in my last exam.