– Goodbye Boob-tube, Hello Youtube! –

CNA’s Christmas Formal was held last night at Razoolies. After careful deliberation I decided not to attend; I didn’t really have appropriate clothes. I found myself not motivated to get any review done for internet journalism and I drifted around from watching Nostalgia Critic reruns, to Zero Punctuation game reviews, and a considerable amount of time on College Humor.

It dawned on me that the internet has become my cable television.  It is the most prominent form of mind-numbing entertainment.  Do you remember looking at old programs or hearing stories from the older generation saying that Comic Books do nothing but rot the minds of the upcoming generation.  From there, the label was placed on television.  I remember growing up in front of the television screen, as I’m sure a lot of people did.  It was such a good friend to us.  Saturday morning cartoons, YTV’s The Zone after supper, and then all the good prime time programming.

I realize that I can only speak for myself however, I believe I am not alone.  Cable television was an amazing companion on lonely evenings.  However these days, I live in an apartment where we didn’t even bother to get cable.  Internet alone suffices for us.  This is what I want to talk about now.  If video killed the radio star, I’m convinced that eventually television will be bested by the internet.

Death To Television by hackneyedthoughts @ Deviantart.com

Just take a look online, you will find countless web series’ that cater to every demographic one can imagine.  If you have an interest, It is likely that there is a web series to cater to your needs.  I spent the same amount of time watching webisodes of various series that I came across, that once upon a time I would’ve spent in front of the television set.

Thing is, there are still great television shows, however actually having cable television is not required to enjoy them anymore, I mean I still keep up with Dexter, Supernatural, Nikita, Smallville, The Human Target, Lie To Me, and the Walking Dead.  Hell occasionally I’ll watch WWE and TNA programs through my computer.

But as much as I enjoy television shows, I realized that there are so many series that are online that grab my attention too.  Besides those mentioned above, there is The Key of Awesome‘s music parodies and batman videos,  The Guild which is hilarious even if you don’t play an MMO, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and I really could keep going.

When did it happen though.  It’s like I just snapped to it last night and noticed that this has been the trend for a long time now.  Television used to be the WMD in the battle against boredom.  The running gag on the Simpsons that we all used to watch, was that the television was a member of the family.  Time’s are changing.

So I guess maybe this is just my send off to television.  It was a hell of a time we had, but apparently, at least in my life, you have gone the way of the audio cassette and the VHS.  New technology, replaces old technology… that is the nature of the human race and our obsession with advancement.  I never thought for one moment that television could every be replaced, I spent many hours in front of that screen… and yet here we are.

So I guess nothing is impossible.

– Falling In Love As She’s Walking Away –

No, this isn’t a blog entry, merely a music video that I came across while I was in St. George’s yesterday after my exam.  It was the first time in almost a year I got to watch CMT, but this video was on and it kinda spoke to me.

Now I’m falling in love as she’s walking away,
My heart wont tell my mind to tell my mouth what it should say.