– Ramblings Make Good Filler –

First, a shout to all the Music Industry & Performance, and Recording Arts students that specifically let me know that they enjoyed the last entry.  It was actually the second most viewed entry I’ve ever written,  it received over 50 views just on the first day.  To everyone that read it, thanks. . .  But now on with the filler.

I was talking to Adam Hedderson (The man in black), he had a bag of candy. I knew that Cat would flip out when she saw it so I readied the camera. He waited for my cue to take the photo. I Snapped the photo almost as soon as I heard her yell and run towards the hand. Unfortunately my rapid shutter speed could not compete with a girls desire for candy... I swear the bag was still in his hand when I took this photo. The girl just REALLY likes candy.

In the wake of my little opinionated piece regarding Sonic Potluck 25, I find myself a little stumped for something to write about.  I’m sure this is evident with my official failure to produce an entry every day for the month of December.  ‘Tis true that I failed, but I still will be posting regularly; I just find myself in a transitional phase for this blog.  I am beginning to become of the mindset that I need to take it more seriously, especially as a student of Journalism.

As a journalism student I am told frequently to be very mindful of my “digital footprint”  The advice is basically saying that I should be aware of what would happen if a potential employer “google’d” me.  We should use the internet and social media for creating a positive image and help build our reputation.

I can’t say that I disagree, however I am well aware that his intention was to instruct us to gear away from the controversial.  Discussing topics like religion, or openly talking about your political beliefs is not something you should do, because it can cause particular employers to look past you.  I can’t help be look back on some of the things I’ve said in this blog, and some of the concepts that I’ve discussed and I can’t help but wonder what kind of impression my digital footprint will give my future boss.

Should I convert this blog into a strictly news-ish outlet so that I could someday even put it on a resume?  Hell, should I just put it on a resume anyway?  I mean it does showcase my writing style, even if it isn’t structurally the same as writing for a news organization.

Of course, these thoughts merely cross my mind for just a moment before I go back to remembering why this blog exists in the first place.  I need a medium in which I can vent all these ideas in my head and construct them into text so they don’t clutter my mind.  Since I’ve been more active on WordPress, I have found a considerable increase clarity when it comes to my own head.  In recent weeks I have been confused and lost, especially when I would try to figure myself out… try to understand the motives behind some of the things I have felt and done lately.

I think this blog is becoming slowly linked directly into my sanity and without it, I will implode with all of these thoughts.  Perhaps that explains my two-day absence from the world of Blogging.

Do you want to hear the real funny part?  I am actually pretty sure I lost out on 20 mark sin my internet journalism class because I didn’t do the blog assignment.  That’s pretty sad, yet hilarious.  We were asked to make a blog and over four weeks we had to make four entries on a journalistic topic of interest.  That sounds like a cake walk for me doesn’t it?  Regrettably this assignment came at a time when my head was not co-operating with the rest of my body and I was never aware of the deadline.  Oh, wait.. Digital footprint… do I REALLY want a future employer hearing that I failed to complete an assignment… Oh well, it’s typed now and the backspace button is so far away.

Eden's burn box event. Good times.

I’m starting to actually become more involved with the WordPress community.  It’s strange but this online persona is starting to really grow.  Ever since the “Quite Humbling Experience” entry when I commented on Josh Landry’s Blog, I’ve taken notice of other blogs online.  The only one I’ve subscribed to, is one that I linked on the right, which is “The Curse Of Future Tom“.  I’ve taken twitter a little more serious as well, mainly as a tool to get the up to date news on what’s going on because it seems twitter is the absolute fastest news source in existence at the moment.

I think I’m going to be able to get used to this.  It’s a very constructive hobby, provides me with some insight, helps me work on my writing, and allows me to be apart of a community.  Now if only I can convince my instructor to accept an insightful conversation about dating concepts as journalistic issues, I’d like to get that 20% back.

Anyway, I’m not going to be completely ignorant of his advice.  One thing I do still need to do is fine tune my writing.  It’s been said to me from Professors in the past that I have a natural flare for writing, and a superb ability to manipulate the English language that could help me become a very prestigious writer… I just need the basics.  Grammar, punctuation, the use of that damned semi-colon.   I’ll admit that my fundamentals have increased drastically in the last year while I have been in my program but there’s still so much work to do.  So I am going to be making a second blog, one in which I will add social commentary and analysis to newsworthy events.  So that’ll be up and running soon… anyway, for now I have an entry to read on Atheism written by Mr. Future Tom, then sleep before my exam.

I’m not sure why you have read this far, in case you haven’t caught on yet.  This has been the biggest example of me just rambling because there is no predominant topic on my mind.  This is filler.

I really have to start carrying a paper and pen with me at all times because I KNOW I’ve had numerous ideas in the last two days but by the time I go to write, I forget them. ha ha Oh well.  Hopefully I’ll have something of substance tomorrow.