– December Plan, Epic Fail-

H5 - EPIC FAIL noes by codeslacker @ Deviantart.com

Well I tried getting a new entry each day for the month of December, but it appears as though I am going to miss deadline for December 4th, 2010.  I am still going to post very frequently, but it will not be officially everyday.  It was a valiant effort and it is with a heavy heart that I submit that I will not be able to continue.

I am going to do an entry tonight, so there will be something up later without a doubt, and I think I actually will take the most recent comment made on this blog to heart and start using some of my own photography.  Thank you very much Mandy.

We had our Sonic Potluck tonight, for those not around here it is basically a college concert, I’m sure I will go into more details later because I’m going to upload a few of the pictures that I managed to get.  But anyway, I guess that’s about it.

There is going to be some more changes to this blog coming up in the near future as it is rapidly approaching 1,500 views.  I plan on doing something to celebrate the 2,000th view because I”m hoping that by the end of the Q1 2011 I will have reached that point.  So, I guess stay tuned to the blog site and you’ll have something to read there shortly… or early tomorrow when you wake up.

… Wait a minute.. Technically it is the 4th and I AM posting something to the site. Forget the epic fail, the mandate is still on.
…P.S: I also want to point out that there were no spelling errors or grammatical errors that was picked up by the checker, which means this is my first post ever to hold that claim.  Maybe this is a sign of better things to come eh?

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