– Humbug! All The Cool Kids Are Doing it –

Tis the season to be *insert adjective here*
Jolly, Angry, Sad, Depressed, Content, Festive, Excited….

Fill in the rest however you please, but you cannot escape the fact that it is officially December.  To many people, myself included, December 1st is the unofficial start of the holiday season and only now will I consider it acceptable to decorate your house and blast We wish you a Merry Christmas  very loudly through your car stereo.   In light of being so close to the New Year, to resolution time.  This entry came to me when I got in my car at Midnight to hear “The First Noel” by Crash Test Dummies in the car.

I started to think of last year when I was so full of the Christmas spirit that I couldn’t want for December.  I put so much energy into it.  I loved every second of it.  This year seems to be quite different.  I played some tunes earlier the week just to annoy my roommates but beyond that I’m really not feeling the good cheer.  I’m almost afraid to look within myself and try to discover what is causing it.  Afraid of what I’m going to find. 

I digress though.  This is my own struggle, but it did spark a tiny flame of creativity that pulled me to WordPress.  This entry is of the concept of how mainstream and “socially accepted” mentality of “Screw the Holidays.” 

*Disclaimer:  I will interchange Christmas and Holidays… this does not intentionally exclude the other festivals ongoing around the same time, Christmas is simply mine.  I’m sure this entry applies to Chanukah and Quanza and the others.

This is the point where I’m sure half of you that read this are rolling your eyes and muttering to yourself, “I just really don’t like it.” Well, who am I to judge that.  What you feel and why you do is none of my business and is only really the concern of yourself.  But, I find it difficult to believe that so many people have become to anti-holidays in recent years.  You hear people complain about it as it comes.  Truth be told I understand most people have had some tragedy happen to deter them from the excitement, or even there are those that go through rough times and look forward to the holiday season for improvement… so when it doesn’t happen not any do they find themselves in their same rut, but now they have failed expectations.

It is my opinion that the sudden outbreak of the Bah Humbug’s is no different from the masses that turn on their favorite musical acts as soon as they are mainstream.  The status quo is that the Holiday Season is a happy time when the best in man can be visibly observed from any outsider… and of course we know that the current generation has a knack for wanting to rebel.  We can’t be status quo, we HAVE to be different.  The funny thing I have discovered is that there is so many people who are trying to be different that they end up being of the majority. 

The holiday season is a powerful time of the year, and it really can take hold of you and fill your insides with the warm fuzzies.  You just need to let it.  There is nothing wrong with being excited about gathering with those closest to you, whether that means family or just friends.  If you are one of those people who just grew up and doesn’t like Christmas anymore because you don’t get as many gifts, you fail to understand the point of the time.  Truth be told Christmas Day is something I look forward to, but I also tend to not ever want it to arrive.  It is the build up to Dec 25th that powers the holiday season.  December 25th, once the presents are open (either your presents or your kids) and the meal is done and people start going back their own separate ways, the feeling dies.  It becomes time to think about having that big old party for New Years… a traditional that I have been losing interest gradually over the years.

The holiday spirit IS something worth getting excited for.  Anyone that refuses to give it a chance, you are truly missing out and I hope that one day you discover the joy that I’m talking about.  Now with that being said, I move along.

Disclaimer: This is in no way saying that the entire world is anti-holiday, I speak merely of my observations, on a local level. 

Those that know me may remember that I have had more Christmas spirit and sincere joy concerning the month of December than most. 

– I remember driving around St. John’s with Chrystal and Chad looking at Christmas lights, eating candy canes and listening to Christmas music.

 – I remember listening to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on repeat in the car with James and Candace.

– Between Christmas and New Years at 2 Creston Place having drinks with Danielle and I believe Chad and Chrystal were there as well.

I can keep going.  There is so many memories… so many reasons why I should be stoked for this season, it hasn’t happened though.  Unfortunately I may be joining the rest of the sheep in the Fashionable Humbug, because I don’t feel it anymore. 

Ever the walking contradiction eh?  I spend half an entry telling you how I feel that all of these people who rag on the holidays are just mindless drones following the current societal trend of “anything mainstream or accepted is EVIL”… afraid to think for themselves and at the same time they actually believe they are standing out.  Too bad most people who live their life this way never to realize that they may have made themselves out to be a black sheep… but they fail to look around and see that they are in a field of black sheep to the extreme that it actually is the white ones that are standing out. 

Although I’m thinking I’m starting to dive into a different post.  The Anti-Mainstream, Mainstream…. for another day I guess.

I’m going to end this post with a proclamation of intent.  For the month of December I am going to make every effort to get up at least one entry every day.  Not all will be insightful, nor will they be analytical, but I am going to see if I can comment to a full month of posts.  31 entries for December 2010.

So… Stay tuned!