– A Quite Humbling Experience –

I’ve done it.  I have begun a descent into everything that I used to mock.  I started “The World Is Broken” because there were far too many thoughts on various topics running around in my head looking for an escape and the clutter was driving me insane.  I have actually felt pretty accomplished with this blog since then.  I hit 1,000 views last week, which I want to thank everyone for again. 

I was getting to a point of even having pride in the work I’ve been producing. . . right now it is seriously in doubt. 

It all started when I logged into WordPress to check out the blog.  On the main site I found a link, and it caught my eye.  It was something that really grabbed my attention. 

Observe…. Dating – Fine… Writing About It – Not Fine

The title is what caught my eye, but then the writing kept me enthused.  The very odd thing that may surprise any of you who are about to go and check out this guys blog, (because I know at least 15-20 of you are going to)  is he describes my blog pretty closely as he goes into detail about his newfound pet peeve. 

I left a comment on his blog praising his work as I believe good work should be appreciated, even if indirectly it is a slam at what you have put a lot of time into.

Now of course, I do not want anyone coming to me giving me uplifting words trying to raise my spirits.  I do NOT require it… unless you really just want to anyway, my self-esteem could always use a lift.  😉

But no, really I am posting it here because I really enjoyed the entry and even though he slams date-writing and I’ve done my fair share of that in my day.  I try to keep it general and speak of ideals instead of specifics but a lot of the times it can’t be helped.  Especially at the start, it felt like something I would’ve written.  So if you like mine, check it out.

8 thoughts on “– A Quite Humbling Experience –

  1. You should be proud of your work, its good. Sure not every topic is gonna appeal to everyone but I’d say its impossible to please everyone so might as well just write whatever you feel like at any given time, and if people give you shit just turn it into gold!

  2. I actually read the guy’s post and don’t understand it. Why on earth can he blog about whatever he likes – even if it isn’t interesting to everyone – but then other people have to conform to his ideas about what you should blog about?

    It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like blogs about dating, or if a hundred of his commenters don’t like blogs about dating. Because lots of people do.

    I thought it was very strange, he started off talking about how frightening it is to blog, and the fears and insecurities that come with it, and then he suddenly begins acting out those exact fears and insecurities on someone who didn’t ask. Someone he could simply not read, instead of spewing at them.

    You can blog about anything – anything at all. I read his blog and thought, who does this guy think he is?

    1. I kind of see where he is coming from though. As I said on a reply on his Blog. I try to make my little reflections non-gender specific, usually using He/She as an example giving a disclaimer that roles can be reversed. I think he was talking about the people that go onto their blogs and everytime the take a sneeze it shows up there. It’s a similiar opinion i have with Facebook. I update my status occasionally on what I’m doing or where I’m going, but there is annoying people that are consistently updating it to the point where their wall is just littered with updates, trying to broadcast every insignificant event of their day. It’s true, that we don’t have to read it we don’t like it. Facebook lets us block, and we don’t need to view blogs we don’t like, it still does remain a bit annoying when everything is public domain. Think of a text-based version of “EdTV” if you’ve seen that movie (if not, you should). I guess although my blog can fit into his description of what he hates to an extent, I see his side as well. It was an interesting entry and it did it’s job. It got him on Freshly Pressed, and sparked a long debate of comments after the fact. Can’t fault a guy for that eh?

  3. Tom, you final line asking who do I think I am explains the entire point I am trying to make. I don’t think I’m anyone of particular note, I don’t pretend to be, hence my entire point about not blogging as if I am – like I believe those who blog on behalf of a gender do appear to claim… which was the major thrust of my argument. I think ShallopCo got what I meant – and I completely hear what you are saying about FB updates.

    Classic FB case in action.

    Friend status: I’ve now got 1,000 friends on facebook.
    Comment 1: That’s probably too many I’ll volunteer to go… call it 999.
    Comment 2: Yes, bit bored of you… 998

    and this went on to 990 when the girl deleted the update – but she was a classic poster of ‘x is in the garden reading’ and other inane comments.

    The truth is, I wrote this for a small audience of friends in reference to a blog we’d all read and thought was disgracefully self indulgent. I didn’t imagine it would end of being pressed and getting 200 comments… but such is the world we live in. Perhaps the more general arguments about blogging about dating full stop are more debatable, but I was just putting my opinion out there.

    1. Yeah, the impression I got from your entry (and from your reaction to the comments) was that you clearly were not expecting to be thrown into a debate of what constitutes as good or bad blogging with a few hundred people involved. The responses were well written though, there are people that would’ve caved and just appeased everyone with opposing viewpoints. It took a couple of times reading through and reading between the lines to find the generalities you were referring too. Which is why I said I both agree and disagree with you.

      Blogging on behalf a gender can be pretty aggravating, in numerous ways. I mean you can have the scorned girl that just finished a terrible date or found out that her boyfriend cheated on her and she will blog about how Men aren’t worth anyone’s time and we are all cheats and liars. There is also the guy that decides he wants to help women get some insight into the male mind, without specifying that the only mind he speaks for his himself. Sorry pal not all of us are looking for someone who is looking to fetch him a beer when he needs and to clean his house, with big breasts and long blonde hair…

      I’ve blogged before, and even in spoken word, saying that “on behalf of guys everywhere…. *insert inspirational thought*” .. but that is usually a sarcastic remark, a joke, or I clearly define before the comment that I only speak on behalf of me and like minded people, NOT the entire gender or group.

      A famous line that I am known for saying when I find myself in a position where I am counselling a girl about some asshole that emotionally scarred her is that they can come and talk to me… when they apologize for “venting all of that” on me, I notoriously say that, “It’s okay, I’ve been apologizing to women on behalf of my gender since I’ve been old enough to speak.” These are somewhat examples of talking for the gender, but at the same time I ensure that it is clear that I am referring strictly to myself.

      BTW: Josh, I didn’t actually say on your blog but I meant to… and now that you posted on mine I’m pretty sure you’ll see this reply. So Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

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