– Writer’s Block Part II – The Music Exercise –

Akon – Lonely

This entry may not have the creative flare that you might be used to seeing in my writing.  I’m still suffering from a pretty unrelenting case of writer’s block.  This is pretty much being forced out.  I’m doing an exercise actually.  You see I am not going to think about anything in general while I write.  I am just going to listen to a random song which you can listen to above.  While listening to this song over and over I am going to type what comes to mind.  Let’s see what I got.

Okay, Mr. Lonely by Akon.  Wow, Really?  Is that what I’m going to choose?  Okay that is pretty random.  But I mean I think it is working.  There are so many things that is running through my mind right now just considering the lyrics of this song and the atmosphere that the music is creating here in my room.

The obvious is Break Ups.  I mean clearly this is a song that doesn’t have a double meaning behind each word, he is hurt.  Just to listen to the music you would feel bad and sympathize with the poor guy because of all that anguish he is forced to endure.  But when you listen to the words you find out, “Uh Oh”  He is the reason it ended.  He broke up with her.  If you really pay attention to what he is saying is that he was with a girl who understood him better than anyone, and completely accepted him for who he is.  She was most likely incredibly beautiful and he truly believes that he will never do any better.

BUT… He still broke up with her.  There are so many people in this world, essentially I’m referring to the people who have gone through the wrong end of a break up in recent years.  The feeling of having someone who you care for so dearly, tell you that they don’t want to be with you anymore is a fate worse than most you can experience in this plain of existence.  However, that’s not the full story.  I mean, what about the story of the man who cares deeply for her, doesn’t want her hurt, but no longer wants a relationship… or what basically happened in my last relationship, you love them and never want to hurt them, BUT, the relationships had far to many problems to remedy.  The two of you may be great for each other emotion-wise, but the timing just isn’t right.

When you have to break up with someone who you care for, I truly believe it is worse than being rejected by someone else.  I mean sure, you are the one making the decision, and also I know there are people who can break up and not have a second thought.  If you can dump someone and have no remorse for the pain you inflicted upon them, then there are two scenarios at work here, it is either that you didn’t care about them.. or that you are just a heartless player that doesn’t care about them… Did you catch the common denominator there?

Akon is pouring his heart out now saying how lonely he is and how desperately he wishes he can make things right with the one that got away, the pain echoes through the airwaves and if you empathize in any way, shape, or form… you can feel it.

I guess all in all, even though I make fun of this song a long, it really does the trick.  He emanates exactly what he is looking to.  It does make me think.

Timbaland ft Katy Perry – If We Ever Meet Again

Okay, the second song of this exercise is Timbaland’s If We Ever Meet Again.  Once again, this is pretty random but oh well.  It does give me a spark though.  A thought about all of those What If’s.  I know I talked about them before but this is what is coming to mind when I hear this song.  Especially considering the song is about hooking up at a bar.

Think about the random incidents in your life where you met someone, or almost met someone.  Imagine how they would’ve played out if only you had the knowledge back then that you possess now. One clear example comes to mind.  Johnny Pardy and Myself were busking outside of the Corner Brook Plaza.  The mall entrance just down from Zellers, there was a girl who sat down next to me on the bench where I was playing.  I found this girl quite attractive but never really felt like I had an “In” to talk to her.  No way to spark a conversation.  She said and listened for like almost 10 songs, before the bus showed up.  She walked towards the bus, but after she was a few feet away she turned back towards us, reached into her pocket, and withdrew a toonie that she tossed into the guitar case.

I smiled and Johnny thanked her because I was still playing a song and singing.  She turned back towards the bus and I was thinking how stupid I was for letting her go, the least I could’ve did was spark a conversation.  Fate almost smiled on us because the bus started leaving without her, she ran a few feet to catch up with it.  By this time I was done of the song and called out to her, about to offer her a ride… when the bus hit the brakes and she got on.  Never seen her since.

Listening to this Timbaland song I wonder about instances like this.  What is that was the girl who could’ve been everything I was looking for.. and maybe I was everything she could want.  Or maybe she could’ve been a homicidal psychopath and catching that bus meant she never got the opportunity to hack me and Johnny up and bury our remains.

The part that causes me so much frustration is that we’ll never really know… and of course when I play situations like this back through my head I always fantasize about the best case scenario…(that IS what most people do)

I instruct everyone to never allow What If’s to deflate a mood or get you down.. but I’m human.  They creep in sometimes, for instance.. when I listen to “If We Ever Meet Again”

Alright guys, at this point I want to Thank anyone and everyone that has read this blog at some point.  As of my last entry I actually have over a thousand reads, which is a point I never though I would reach… hell I didn’t expect anyone to even notice the entries going up.  So Thanks.  Now that it seems that consistently there’s a group of people who is looking at each of these views I want to ask for some feedback.

I wrote this entry with no inspiration and almost no desire to write, just for the same of trying to vanquish my enemy… the Deadly Writer’s Block.  I want to know what you thought of it.  Comment here preferably, or even just comment on Facebook.  I’m really curious.


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