Music & Life

Gotta love  I came across this Alan Watts monologue.  It was actually quite an inspirational experience.  I am not quite certain as to why this particular video affected me so strangely, I feel as though for the first time I really understand the old cliché of Life is a journey, not a destination.  This man has it figured out.

Alan Watts was a 20th century British philosopher.  He died in 1973.

It isn’t a new concept.  It isn’t even something that I have never come across before, however for some reason I don’t believe it really sunk in until today though.  People get too wrapped it with where we are going, worrying about where you will be in 10, 15, 20 years from now.  The real problem with this plan is that, the more you plan for the future is the more you waste the present.

Now, before this gets too out of hand.  This isn’t a plea for everyone to drop out of school, take your life savings, and hit the road to experience life without borders… I’m merely saying that life is meant to be enjoyed.  I haven’t really been listening to this very much lately… I’ve made so many plans for what is to come.  I have goals that need to be met, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the journey along the way right?

The gist of what I’m saying is something you have all been told many times over by everyone over the age of 40.  “Youth is wasted on the It’s actually eerie  how often I have heard that line lately.

Don’t spend all of your life worrying about what is to come, and how life will be so much better once you achieve this goal or that goal.  It’s not a terrible thing to aspire to be someone or something, but do NOT forget to enjoy the now because in hindsight you spend more time in the present than any other time.  You should live it to the fullest.

For the longest time when I heard someone say that one needs to live life to the fullest, I imagined sky diving and a bunch of extreme sports.  I imagined impulsively coming up to random girls and giving them a kiss, or random guys throwing a fist.  I envisioned a complete disregard for the future, and to strictly live in the now.

It is only today at the age of 25, October 26th 2010, that I have realized.  You still set your goals… you still go to school, you still long for that dream job and dream family and dream house… but you do it while making sure that everything that leads up to these aspirations is fulfilling as well.  You don’t need sacrifice the present in preparation for the future… but you also don’t need to throw away your future to enjoy the present… life is about a balance of the two.

Most of you may have already known this and it’s a concept that isn’t new.  But, to me this is mind-blowing.  For some reason, my perspective on those clichés was that you had to pick one or the other… Present or Future.

I never once believed that BOTH could be a plausible choice.

Right now, I am insanely behind in school, that needs to be remedied. . .