– Always Demanded, Rarely Given (Respect)-

It’s something that many people consider to be very important in interpersonal relations.  Everyone wants to have it from everyone else, but when you actually take a look at the populous, especially the ones that demand it the most.. you find that reciprocation is a big problem. 

What am I referring too?  Simply put, I’m talking about Respect.
Yes, yes it’s time to cue the Aretha Franklin reference.  I’m talking about R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

My question comes from just reflecting on the classmates that I have to deal with this year, as well as the instructors.  One particular classmate comes to mind.  It’s a first year whose actions would make one believe that he elevates himself above everyone else, including some of the instructors.  It is here I wonder about the whole stale cliché that everyone has heard at least once in their lifetime… “Respect your elders.” 

The question I pose is Why?  Why should we respect someone just because they were put on this earth before us.  I’m sorry to those who disagree with me, but the way I see it.  Age is NOT a synonym for wisdom.  I am aware of many people in this world that are pushing 60, but has done nothing to deserve any respect, nor do they have experience or life lessons to pass on… at least none of any worth. 

I’m sure there are people once again rolling their eyes at my opinion.  Thinking that I’m just a foolish, brash youth that thinks he knows better than everyone.  Well, for the most part your right, I am foolish and I can be quite brash.  I have the wisdom to actually understand that though, which is more than I can say for the inspiration behind this entry.  As I mentioned in an earlier entry, the wise Socrates said it best when he basically said the smartest people in the world are those that realize that they don’t know anything. 

A student entering a journalism program that has worked in the field for 25 years (or at least one aspect of it), does NOT have the right to enter this course and hold him/herself on a pedestal looking down upon the others.  I am sorry, but especially in the journalism field, 25 years experience will give you insight as to how the newsroom politics may work, and will even give you a great deal of knowledge as to how to conduct oneself on the radio/television… but if you look at journalism 25 years ago and contrast it to today.  I’m sorry sir, but you are nothing more than an old student. 

This actually saddens me, because someone with that much experience could potentially contribute so much to a classroom full of young, hungry minds.  Instead, what we have is a leech that wants to make sure everyone knows all about his past and that he knows all.

This rant isnt’ strictly about one particular person.  It is about the entire generation of people that age that will walk about and consider us “children” to be so naive and wrong in everything we say.  I’m tired of being wrong in a conversation with someone just because I had the ignorance to try and educate a senior that Windows Media Players is NOT something that you can eat.  My apologies. 

I’m sorry that I am not of the impression that just because something is “on the internet”.. that I can recognize we do NOT have a global following.  The internet is NOT a new and bizarre invention to me.  Albeit it IS true that the internet allows the entire world access to whatever you upload online, that doesn’t mean that the content we need to upload should have an international appeal and flavor to it.  If we had a website that is Barely viewed by the residents of Newfoundland, there’s no real need to cater to Europe now is there?

Age does NOT equal right.  There are things about life that you may know better than me, experiences that made you learn your lessons and YES I’m sure I could do well to benefit from some of your experience… but don’t let that go to your head and believe that you are superior to me.  I can learn from you about what you know, but you can learn a hell of a lot from me about what I know… don’t think just because I’m born in 85 and you were born in 69 that you know everything I do PLUS more…

I refuse to give respect to anyone who can’t return the favor.  If you want my respect, then try being respectful and showing some back. 

My grandmother did a hell of a job raising my mom.  It was a real good job, she probably even had a lot to contribute to helping raise me when my mom needed advice on baby stuff.  But once I turned 20, you need to realize that I am NOT something that you understand.  My grandmother raised all girls, my mom has ALL sisters… so to hear my grandmother talking about me like I am a child, and giving my mom advice on how to raise me when I was 20 years old.. yeah.  Let’s just chalk that to yet another example of the older generation looking for respect without giving any in return.

Summary… I’m NOT saying I am superior to my elders, not at all.  I’m a child and I am still going to make mistakes, their guidance is appreciated.  But there is a big difference between guidance and being treated like they need to take your hand and guide you down the street. 

If you want my respect, you have to earn it just like everyone else, I don’t care what your Date of Birth Is.

Thank you & Good Day