– Don’t Like Me eh? Wow, Suddenly Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter-

I’ve had a notion that has been eating at me for a while now.  I think it actually has manifested itself within me and has been a very strong factor leading me to where I am right now.  As always I’ll just mention the inspiration that sparked this particular entry.  Well, It is a little after 6:15am, I have an exam in 3 hours that I didn’t really even look at yet, but I’m thinking I may do okay in it because I just have a broad understanding of the material anyway.  I’ve been watching the 8th season of family guy for the last 3 hours (maybe longer).  The episode where Brian is told that Quagmire doesn’t like him sparked my sudden interest to write this.

The underlying cause of this entry is the information that I have come into contact with over the last few weeks.  Apparently there are those that believe that I am incredibly conceited.  I believe that I am the alpha and omega, that there is no one I can’t get, and nothing I can’t do.  My arrogance has become something of note as of late.  This all of course comes as a surprise to me…

My confidence would barely fill a matchbox (that’s such a dated reference, how many of you have ever even seen a matchbox?).  Anyway, this is something I’ve already talked about recently.  This entry is about a more broad topic stemming from this.

Ask yourself this question.  How would you feel in this situation?

You go about your business.  You have fun out with your friends, and then discover that there is someone at the bar that has a problem with you.  One of your friends tells you, “Yeah, he/she thinks you’re a dick.”  Or “They think you’re pretty f*cking stupid.”

Here is the part where I know that there is going to be some of you that are reading this and are saying, “Pfft, that person is a tool anyway” and you’ll say that it wouldn’t affect you one bit.  I understand entirely.  I even know that’s the exact response you would give if someone walked up to you and posed this question.  The beautiful thing with blogging though, is that I’m not asking a question looking for an answer, my instruction is to think.

I apologize if I am wrong about this but I am willing to bet that there is nobody on this earth that would remain completely unaffected by this news.  As human beings we are social creatures, (even the most socially awkward people and recluses still have a social aspect of their personality)… to discover that another person has a really low opinion of us, or a strong dislike, is enough cause an effect.

The real question is what to do about it?  This is the thought that has kept me awake tonight in my third all-night, no-sleep, evening.  I could probably preach and talk about how you really should not let it get to you.  I mean because there’s nothing you can do about it.

Hey.. You!.. Yea, You!  Reading this entry.  Guess what??  Someone doesn’t like you!  I’m sure there’s a lot more than just one person that feels that way.  Someone really doesn’t like you! …. Deal with it.

That sounds so simple, and it’s true.  It doesn’t matter who you are, there is going to be people who dislike you, some for justified reasons, while others for what may appear to be no reason whatsoever.  Recently I heard news that someone has a very low opinion of me, and believes me to be pretty arrogant… the real kicker on this is that I can’t remember ever having a conversation with this person, let alone doing anything to give that impression.  My thoughts?  Well even though I don’t really ever see this person at Clancy’s I can just make the assumption that if they have come on select nights of the week and spot me running around talking to everyone, it’s easy to get that impression.

Does it hurt?  To be honest.. yeah it hurts.  Is there anything I can do about it?  Not really, because I really don’t feel the need to set the record straight for that person.  I really have such a low value of their opinion that it is just something I can just get past.  But to say it doesn’t affect me would be a lie.

Here’s the advice folks.  You need to read this and understand it.  You can please all of the people some of time… You can even please some of the people ALL of the time… but you’ll never, as a human being, be able to please ALL of the people ALL of the time.  It’s something you will all have to deal with at some point in your life, and it will more than likely happen a lot more than once.  The way you get through it is basically my starting point for any advice.  If you can look in the mirror and you like what you see, and you enjoy the person looking back at you then your first battle is done.  The second thing you must do is realize that there will always be people like that, you can’t let it bring you down for long…. If you’ve got one friend.. just one.  Then you never need to worry about what anyone else has to say or think about it.

And, I’m saying this because I know that the only real readers of this blog exist on my list.. so if you are reading this then I assure you that you have at least one friend.  He’s writing this entry.

It’s a human condition to try to bring others down in an attempt to build yourself up.  This simple fact alone means that eventually someone will try to verbally step all over you in an attempt to make themselves seem more important or to give their own life value.  This is what I think the case is of the example I used.  It was a person that needed to take potshots at me, because they must feel inadequate in their lives.

Anyway, this may be a bit jumbled and all over the place and for that I’m sorry.  It’s almost 7am now and I still haven’t slept or studied.  But, now that i got this notion out of my head maybe now I’ll be able to get some work done.

Bottom line… don’t worry about those that don’t like you.  You surround yourself with the friends and family that appreciate you, and you live your life the way you want it to trying to brush off the criticism and you will not be able to be held back by anyone.  The sky can be the limit.    Whether it’s an ex-best friend that wants to bitch about you, or a controlling boyfriend that wants looks down on your for certain personality traits that he doesn’t approve of… it is your job as a person to be yourself.  As long as you can pull that off, like-minded people will come your way and you will find that this whole “life” thing… isn’t as hard as people keep saying… and is completely manageable.

So, I’m rambling now, so I’m going to end this and get some work done.  Wish me luck.
And to the Haters… umm well as the title says.. Go Fuck Yourself!