– Failure Is A State Of Mind –

Big plans, huge ambitions… no initiative.  That is the story of my life.  I have had so many thoughts go through this head of mine that would solve all my own problems, so many methods in which I could pick myself out of the rut I keep finding myself being swallowed up in.  I’ve been told before that Failure starts in the mind…  I must admit that I do agree.  If you do not have the correct mindset, you might as well not try because you can’t succeed.

There’s more to success than just mere positive thinking though.  That’s the part many people forget to inform you when they give you a pep talk.  Every time I’ve devised a plan to better myself, my mind is in there 100% and I believe whole-heartedly that I will succeed. . .  then nothing happens.

I lacked initiative.  I need the ability to actually get up and follow through with these plans.  I started planning to cut out fast food when the summer began…  I even had like 5 different, “Day One’s” where I was going to start… currently it has been 5 months since that plan was made and downstairs in the fridge, there is a bucket of chicken, fries, gravy and macaroni salad.  I can’t afford it, and I planned to stop eating it, and yet… it’s just another failure.

I’ve made big plans about school as well, that I wouldn’t fall behind this year.  That I’m going to bust my ass, get the top marks that I know I can get… and end up with a positive impression on my instructors.  Here I am, behind in basically all of the courses.  I have all my wisdom teeth out last week and I can’t lie, it hurts..  it was the reason why I missed some school last week.  But, generally I don’t accept anything as a legit excuse anymore.  I’m tired of excuses.

My life is entirely composed of excuses and different reasonings as to why I am not where I should be in life… where I know I could’ve been.  Next month I’m turning 25.  Actually I turn a quarter of a century old in less than 3 weeks.  Isn’t it time the excuses stopped?  That I showed everyone what I really am capable of?

It’s all about priorities.. that’s simply it.  The first few weeks of school my priorities have been slightly skewed at best.  The lighter side of college life has been more important to me than it should.  The independence of finally not living in St. George’s with the folks is absolutely intoxicating.  Debilitating you could say.

I am actually not sure if I have done a post like this before.  I’m fairly certain that i have.  One of those, “Stand-up-and-shout” post.  Where I proclaim to the world that I’m done with being a slacker and that I will take care of all the business that needs to be done.  Journalism, second year IS my number one priority right now.  Today, I am up 2 hours before class begins in order to start this assignment and I will have it finished before 90’s night tonight.

At 90’s night, I’ll be taking my camera and getting some shots, which will be able to be used as an assignment for another one of my classes that I needed to take pictures for.

Here is a promise…  Once that KFC in my fridge is gone, there is not going to be anymore fast food coming into my system until I feel accomplished.  Meaning, KFC, McDonald’s, Dominoes, Mary Browns, Subway, Tims… I am not making anymore exceptions.  Now that I live in town and have my own apartment, there’s no reason to be wasting money on shit like that.

This isn’t a post that I needed to put here.  I could’ve put it on a different blog that I have that isn’t shared with the world.  But, this post is meant to be a commentary on Failure in general.

Too much emphasis is put on positive thinking in order to overcome obstacles.  Sometimes it becomes an afterthought that you can’t accomplish everything with positive thinking alone.  The Law of Attraction is essentially a philosophy of mind over matter… if you put your energy into something long enough the universe will provide it for you… basically it is the “Lifestyle of Positive Thinking” and even this frame of mind will still admit that you can’t just sit back with your happy thoughts and everything will be fine.  You must strive to succeed.. Desire is a great motivational tool that will keep you focused on the task at hand.. but, big dreams and intricate plans are only useful if you can follow through.

So, if you find yourself stuck in a rut… that all your attempts to break free always come up short… just remember, there is no creature in nature more resilient than the human being…  the will to excel and the desire to succeed is buried deep within every one of us, it’s just waiting for the right combination of determination and desire, mixed with hard work and even a little luck… but eventually everything will work out.

Let’s see how this plan goes…..  hopefully This is the last time I’ll be saying this.

“Day One…”


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