Belated Memorial – R.I.P: The Muckrakers

Held My breath, forgot to breathe.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the need to write an entry in this blog.  I’m going to start with something positive, I want to thank everyone that actually complimented me over my summer’s work.  Even as recent as last week I received kudos for the literal endeavor that began as me killing time at work but evolved into an outlet for my mental diarrhea.

There hasn’t been a lot of activity here, not because there hasn’t been much going on.  My life is actually quite eventful, I just lack the ability to string a coherent thought together to write something worth reading.  This entry isn’t an exception, I just was struck down by news that I needed to vent about.  It is simply about “The Muckrakers”.

Going back.  A young Devin first got his hands on his 200 dollar Yamaha acoustic and after brief instruction from his uncle… he is beginning to play real songs.  Time of Your life, Bad Moon Rising, and Be Like that, three of the very select few has been able to pull off.

MP3’s a still a wonderous, new technology, MySpace doesn’t quite have a following yet but it is in its infancy, and is the outlet for which absolute nobodies post their music to the internet hoping to be discovered.  During this time Devin surfs around and comes across a humorous song by Bentframe called the star wars rap, which is hilarious.  But while searching “Acoustic”  he comes across a song called, “Through My Door” by the Muckrakers.

The album version of this song is hilarious.  But they didn’t play it live often so Rob fucks around with it here 😛

Immediately I was smitten.  The Muckrakers were my favorite band, and to this day remain as one of my tops.  The issue is that they were small time, I downloaded all their songs, and checked in every now and then.  Even today I was thinking, “lets see if there’s any new tunes up for them on their website”… to discover “The Muckrakers” official website doesn’t exist.  I found their MySpace page to learn that July 17th, 2009 was the final show of this band.

I was still a musical toddler when I found these guys, I was so innocent back then that when trying to learn how to play Through My Door, and lacking any ability to play by ear… I e-mailed them.  Rob Carpenter, lead singer and frontman for Muckrakers, sent back a personal letter.  he thanked me for the e-mail… admitted how surprised he was the know that they have a fan in Newfoundland. I’m pretty sure that I was their first Canadian fan. Since I started following them when they were uber-local on  I kept that e-mail for so long, until it hacked, so I don’t have a copy of it anymore. 😦

I think it’s very surreal if you think about it.  Work from a small time band in the states somehow by chance landed on my desktop in one of the most unknown provinces of Canada.  Not only that but Muckrakers songs were my theme for a long time.  I knew every word to every song on Forgot To Breathe, and to this day still remains one of my favorite albums of all time of any band.  It’s unforutnate that I’ll never get to hear any new songs.

If acoustic is your thing, check out the Vids I posted, and enjoy.  This last one, is a clip of their last show.  One of my favorite songs by them.. “Fool”.

So, It’s a year too late… but Muckrakers, thanks for the tunes…I’ve officially added Fool and Through My Door to my open mic reportoire, hope you don’t mind, and especially thanks for being my earliest real influence when it comes playing music.  Best of luck in all you do guys!

You’ll be missed.

I’m the Fool, for wanting… I’m the fool to care.
I’m the Fool for believing… that you’d always be there.


5 thoughts on “Belated Memorial – R.I.P: The Muckrakers

  1. saw this only now, 4 yrs late I guess. Anyway, my story is not so far away from yours, surfing through the web, finding the Muckrakers on, I even ordered their CD (which I lost later while moving).

    Great band, great songs and really grad memories. Thanks for sharing!

    Best from Germany


  2. And look at that, I’m 6 years too late… I also found them on and bought the CD but lost it after several moves. Only today rediscovered a song I had saved on an old (and thought it was dead) iPod… Did some searching desperate to find them again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Seven years late, but let me add “me too.” I was lucky to know Rob Carpenter when he was growing up — great guy and talented from the beginning. It was sad when they stopped, and I hope that one day they’ll get back together.

    1. Hah The long tail of this blog post still dumbfounds me. It’s great to see that even now 7 years since I wrote it people still have a connection to their music 🙂

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