– “Hey How You Doing?” Does NOT mean “I Want You So Bad” –

I’m digging up an old Facebook status here.  It was not too long after I became single that I ran into a problem.  What is that problem?  Well, I’m a guy, therefore apparently being nice to a female means that I have interest… cause of course I have a penis, so saying hello to a girl is instantly a sign that I want to sleep with her.

This attitude is disgusting.  I mean, I understand how it came about because I personally know a lot of guys that do fit that description.  They talk to as many women as they can and try to get with every single one of them.  I would like to think that I’m a bit more particular then that, I mean lets look at facts here. There are 4 absolutely incredible women that I got to hang out with, I got to know them.  Currently now if any of them text my phone, my blackberry starts yelling “Sister Alert.” 

I’m not someone who gets interested in every female that says hello to me, and it’s a real discouraging feeling when women jump to those conclusions. I want to make a proclamation right here and now… if I do not go up to you and ask you out, or tell you “how I feel”… then I am NOT trying to get you on the go.

If I stand next to you while at the bar, or sit next to you and just chat it up for a while, that is NOT me trying to get into your pants.

If I pay your cover at a bar because I didn’t want to see you get ID’d, that does NOT mean I’m all ga-ga for you. 

The reason why this particular issue boils me mostly, is because it’s something that you almost never get the chance to set straight until someone comes forward and brings it to your attention.  For example, a friend of mine was being a bit weird around me.  I asked to hang out before and got an awkward rejection each time.  It was starting to feel strange.  One time, she told me that she couldn’t hang out because she couldn’t do that to her friend… (Her friend and I have a history, and her friend likes me a lot)… then it clicked in.  They both thought I was trying to ask her out on a date. 

Luckily because of that statement I was able to uncover that they both thought I wanted to get her on the go.  It made me feel pretty awkward and slightly embarrassed because I realize that every time I’ve talked to her, this is what was on her mind.  For a period of time I was that annoying guy, the guy that “doesn’t get the hint”… when in reality I was just trying to hang out with a friend.  The girl is great, I’m not saying that she isn’t. I mean if I would have met her a different way, and we were both single then I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have been interested.. but I met her through her friend, so from day 1 she has been off-limits…

Things seem better now that I cleared that up.

See what I mean though, friendliness and flirtatiousness are confusing eh?  I mean I know I’m a flirtatious person, but if you think I’m hitting on you tell me something flat-out to make me know you feel that way… that way I can either say, “okay no problem” or.. enlighten you that conversation does NOT equal Flirting…

Like I said it does kind’ve burn me because she can walk away saying, “man this guy got after me but I shot him down.”  … that’s a little damaging to the pride.  But what can I do if I can’t set the record straight if no one tells me it’s off track.

Anyway, here’s the advice. Ladies… before jumping to the conclusion that the guy is trying to get into your pants.  Try talking to him first, if you are any judge of character you should be able to surmise what intentions are… instead of just making the assumption when he says hello.

We DO have the capability of talking without wanting sex or a relationship. 

Now that being said…. 😉 How YOUUUU doing?  err.. umm nevermind.
Yeah, You get the point.

“Hi” does NOT mean “Let’s Fuck”…
Okay, I’m done.


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