– Circumstances & Character –

This is a bit of a vague idea that just came to me.  The difference between people in general, and I guess it’ll branch into a sub-topic of the Nature Vs Nurture debate.  The question just got entered into my head of why do some people have it so much easier than others, while others have it so rough?

There are lots of reasons, financial, physical, psychological.  But I just mean in general.  Human beings as a race are capable of such great things.  You’ll hear about the down on his luck guy that needs to beg for change on the street, and you also hear about the Paris Hilton’s of the world that were just lucky enough to be born into a very wealthy family. 

Let’s look at this bum on the street, intelligence-wise he may be Einstein, the only problem is that he was born into a family with an abusive father and a trampy mother, and he’s been on his own since he was 12… he met a girl had a family and became his father, so she left him.  He lost his job, so he drank away the rest of his money till he had nowhere to go, and he’s on the street now….  this guy born into Donald Trumps family could’ve cured cancer by now.

Thoughts like this actually make me wish that I believed in things like God and the heavens above.  If such a being existed maybe there would be a chance that situations like this would have purpose or meaning, but then I actually consider Paris Hilton… and realize that this belief would be foolish.

Can the measure of a man really be based upon his character.  That’s the question I’m posing.  The purest soul in existence can be corrupt if it is exposed to nothing but negativity throughout its entire life.  Yes I do believe in the soul even though I don’t believe in God.  There is something that biology cannot explain that makes every person on this planet act differently even though we’re made up of basically the same DNA.

To say that I am better than someone is simply a matter of circumstance.  This has been the revelation I’ve come to on this topic.  There are a lot of people who would consider me insightful, knowledgable, and caring…. but I haven’t known any other way.  In High School I really didn’t do much other than write and read.. the people I got to know mostly were all online, so I have grown accustomed to getting to know the person before the body and appearance enters into the equation.  I’m remotely well off, that’s mainly because I have two parents that would do absolutely anything I asked them to, especially if It is something I needed.

I’m no better than anyone hah, I’ve just been molded by enough external stimuli to be the person that I am today. 

It’s a very sad thought to think that we are merely a product of the environment that we are born into.  Here’s the part where I contradict myself a bit.

As much as I said I am a product of external factors.  I believe that there are innately characteristics that can exist in a person that will make them be a certain way.  You all have heard of this.  It’s the delinquent that gives his life by pushing someone out-of-the-way of a speeding car, getting hit themselves…. it is the pastor that is embezzling money from everyone around.  There is such thing as good and evil and they exist.  If you were born with one of them.. no amount of global tampering can change that.

This is something I have to believe.  Because there have been way too many times in the past because of unfortunate situations and even some stupid decisions on my part that I felt like a complete asshole, and up until not to long ago I would swear up and down to everyone I see to not waste their time getting to know me because I am capable of being the worst of the worst. 

Life is a struggle, and through this struggle a carbon-copy human baby is molded into the being that it will grow into.  You start off with the basic good or basic bad model, and the twist and turns sculpt the rest. 

You’re not better just because you were born with a lot more luxuries than me.  You are just luckier.  I’m not better than you just because I was born with stability, with certain luxuries that you didn’t get… I am just luckier.  I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum, I’ve been looked down upon, and I have also been the one doing the looking in my day.

All in all it comes down to this.  When you accomplish something and it is of your own accord… then you have the right to boast that you are someone of note… you’re still NOT someone better, you’re just someone who accomplished something..  So don’t stick your nose up to me… my province… and any other human being.


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