– A Reason To Endure –

The meaning of life – an enduring debate.  No one can explain this with any degree of certainty.  The reason we are here is not a question that can be answered by anyone.  That is a fact, Yes I said fact.  I don’t care what anyone else wants to say about it, there is NO definitive “meaning of life.”  Everyone lives their lives with different perspective and everyone has their own belief to what the meaning of life is.  It is also depends on what aspect you wish to look at, biologically the meaning of life is to reproduce and continue the survival of the species…  so does that mean we should all go crazy having sex?  As fun as that may be, no. I don’t believe so.  I got my own beliefs of what the meaning of life is in general, but that’s not what I want to blog about at the moment.

I’m curious about the various reasons that we actually get through the hardships.  What’s your

Reason to Endure

There are so many different answers to this because everyone has their own reasons.  Some religious people will say that they get through everything because they know that God has a plan.. not to mention Suicide will get you a seat reserved downstairs.

Friends… Family.  People draw upon them for strength.  When they feel like succumbing to the hardships of life, they turn to the people who mean the most to them and it gets them by.

Parents, when they lose hope and will can sometimes turn to their children to find their reason to endure.    There are so many different reasons, different methods to finding strength. 

What has prompted this entry?  Well I’m more or less looking through my own head here, but there is a very disturbing thought in there.  I don’t have such reason.  I am not a weak person by any means and it’s not like I’m struggling to find strength, I mean I sincerely believe that I can handle anything life wants to throw at me right now…  but if that strength ever wanes I realize that I really don’t feel as though I have that “Reason To Endure” behind me.

When I really consider it, this blog was basically created because of this fact, I just didn’t completely notice until now.  I’m sorry if I offend anyone of my close friends by saying this, you’re all great and all… maybe it’s because I’m listening to Eminem’s slower semi-emo stuff, but I feel distanced. 

I do not fear the afterlife, I do not believe there is some all-powerful deity up above planning out our lives for us… I don’t seem to find any strength in the friends that I am surrounded by.  I mean Yes I know they’d want to help if something was to ever happen to me, but I do not see me ever behind empowered by them.

This is the part where I shout to everyone else that feels the way I just described.   You need to remember, there is ALWAYS a reason to endure.  Nothing is ever as hopeless as you think. I do have a reason to endure…. I just don’t know what it is yet. 

Either I haven’t realized it, or I have yet to obtain it yet… but I will.  So will you.

We all have a reason to go on.  I’m not just talking about life in general, I mean specific goals as well.  There is always a reason.  You strive for success in school because you want that specific job working for that specific company.  You work hard at that lowly minimum wage job because you have a child to support, or you are the earner of the family. 

The Reason To Endure – That’s what life truly is about, or at least that’s how I feel.  Life itself is the journey, it’s not just the destination.  The struggle is to find the will and the reason to keep travelling that path.

What’s your reason??


Disclaimer: Okay this entry may not make a lot of sense to a lot of people, and I’m sure the part where I say that I have no reason to endure is going to be interpreted as no reason to go on.  No, ladies and gentlemen, I am not suicidal by any means.  I’m just stating that although I go on, I still haven’t found a reason to continue to do so.  I’m not upset right now in any way shape or form, it’s actually quite the opposite, I really think today is going to be a good day, as is tonight.


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