– The Music Of The Mood –

The influence of music on a person is almost a justifiable fact, albeit there are still a small-scale of debate about how music can affect different things in the world.  Some may seem unbelievable.  For instance playing certain music for plants affecting their growth.  Reading up on musical influence is a very interesting study.  This is not about anything semi-supernatural.  I just started thinking about how for a lot of people you can understand their mood, their mindset, but the music they are playing.

Someone angry a lot of times will play angry music.  Sad will play sad music. We know this, Songs are sometimes attached to memories so when we feel nostalgic we play those songs and mentally go back to that memory.

Come With Me By Puff Daddy will always remind me of Corner Brook summer camp with Paul Vincent, where we both first met Corey Bursey.  It was an amazing week.

Sure Enough By Paul Brandt will always remind me of the first time I played it at O’Reillys when Nuala, Shannon and Danielle were there.  I played Freshman for Nuala, Jenny Jenny for Shannon, and dedicated Sure Enough to Danielle.

Your Arms Feel Like Home By 3 Doors Down will always remind me of driving him from Stephenville with Candace and we actually were having a bit of a conversation about how couples have songs.  She was curled up in Shotgun, and pretty tired.  So we stopped talking and this song was playing… it became a song for us.

Freshman by Verve Pipe will forever remind me of the backlot, it is the song that everyone kept wanting me to play every time I got up.  Back when my repertoire consisted of like 10 songs only. 

45 by Shinedown will always remind me of Erin Alexander.  Going to the backlot the first time and hearing her play this song, while I was drunk I became one of her biggest fans and always yelled at her when she was playing.  She also played her own spin on the freshman as well.

I could keep going.. but the point is. Music can be a reflection of what is on your mind.  But, what has been happening a lot lately is… Music has been influencing those moods.  I’ll tell you what, you can youtube these… the last 5 songs I listened to was Beautiful By Eminem, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime by Beck, Last To Know by 3 Days Grance, and now I am currently listening to Snuff. 

My mood is sub-giddy to say the least.  The music I am listening to is on random, but these selections are actually bringing my mood down.  I don’t want to skip them because I enjoy them.  But when I’m listening, it is bringing up thoughts in me that maybe shouldn’t be so prominent.  I’m not upset… I’m not intentionally sounding emo… but it’s just interesting.  I always knew Music was an expression, it’s very intriguing to me to see that is not only expresses emotion, but has the ability to draw them out of its own free will.

That’s what I am listening to at the moment.  It does kind of reflect my mood pretty well.  I’m not upset or down and depressed.  It’s more of a soul-searching kind of mood if that makes any sense.  If you listen to the lyrics of the song he is rapping about shitty times, but the chorus is basically saying don’t let anyone else get you down.  So like I said.  Not depressing, but not upbeat either.. just like me right now.

It’s an interesting relation that human beings have with Music.  I mean, it has been around forever, and even in the days before lyrics people related and expressed themselves with this medium.  Music and Emotion is like Peanut Butter and Jelly, they are one in the same.  They are great on their own, but timeless combined. 

The song has just changed to Remember the Name by Fort Minor, and all of a sudden the mood if beginning to change.  I am starting to feel an aura of confidence, less soul-searching. 

That’s what I mean, music is such a fascinating study.  Why does it affect us in the way it does. 

When those “dance-bar” girls want to get ready to go to a club, most of the time you’ll notice a lot of dance music being played in their vicinity as they prepare.  They are pumping themselves up for the club so they can let loose with as much energy as possible.

A fighter or a competitor in any kind of game will sometimes be found with an iPod listening to angry, rock, no-bullshit music… once again with the intended effect to pump them up and have them ready for their fight/match. 

Music has the ability to also completely destroy you. A certain song on the radio can bring you back to a really rough time.. or whats worse is when there’s a song that you associated with a certain memory.. and it’s painful to remember.

When I think of Angel by Miss Lilith Fair herself, it’s rough not to think about the first time I ever slow danced and who it was with… that’s still a hard memory to deal with, but just goes to show you..

Music has such a profound effect, even the toughest of macho-men are capable of being touched, all you need is the right memory and the right tune.


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