– Boo Hoo… Grr –

Vague enough title eh?  Well this is a rant that is more or less a message to a certain someone.  Frankly, he’s someone who is going to need all the help he can manage to get because he seems to be pretty damned clueless when it comes to the ways of attraction.

Okay I’m going to set the scene for you.  I am allegedly a hated man, that wont stop me from trying to do him this favor. 

Attractive Traits:  There are traits that most, if not all, women find attractive.  Confidence (Not arrogance), Sensitive, Caring, Witty, Intelligent… I mean there are lots. 

Unattractive Traits: Emo-fits, and Jealous Rage-fits.

Okay.  Now that I’ve cleared that up.  I really don’t care that this individual hates me, cause frankly his opinion of me is so inconsequential that it’s pretty humourous.  That’s not the purpose of this entry, the entry is to educate.. and hopefully if there is anyone else that exhibits this behaviour you will realize that you are you own worst enemy.

You will never attract anyone  the way that you operate.  I’m sorry, but getting completely pissing and throwing temper tantrums when things don’t go your way.  I mean, don’t most of grow out of that at the age of like 12? 

But, this is getting to specific… time to generalize again.

Okay guys, you’re trying to get a girl.  You like her a lot. She just recently broke up with the ex, again… and truth be told the break up wasn’t very clean and was kind of messy. 

Lesson #1: You need to recognize the fact that right now she’s going through something pretty rough.  Yes, It is very admirable that you are there to counsel her in her time of need, but making advancements on her at this time, will only end up with one of two reactions.. complete rejection, or something will happen and your association will grow semi-complicated because you need to realize that it’s going to take her time, sometimes a LONG time, to be ready for that kind of activity. 

The worst possible thing you can do if you violate lesson #1, is Lesson #2.

Lesson #2: Do NOT freak out about rejection.  Are you dense?  Like she just got out of a relationship.  Even if the guy was a complete asshole, which you start trying to convince yourself that he is,  she’s going to need time.  Getting pissy emo starting to talk about “your feelings” at a time like this will end up being the worst thing you can do… Why?  Because when she does come around and she is ready to be with someone, you two will already be doomed because there’s a good chance you’ll be in the Friend Zone by then.

Lesson #3: Once again you have yourself convinced that Mr. Ex is the antichrist, but lets say that he still keeps in contact with her.  Afterall it was a long, significant relationship for both parties involved so he does keep talking to her.  Do you really think that blowing up and getting upset about this is going to make you look appealing?  Once again, if you’re only two reactions to anything she does is complete depressed emo-bull, or insane jealous rage, then do you really think you’ll ever be with anyone.. let alone her?

Lesson #4:  If you got something to say.. say it.  (Yes I understand the irony of this considering the conversation I had last night and I was told this exact line.  But I mean it in different context).  If you’re going to be a whiny little emo-bitch, then don’t half ass it.  This isn’t lesson #4, this is more like a life lesson for you.  There is absolutely nothing in life more annoying then someone being an over-dramatic whiney emo-kid, then one that wants everyone to know he’s depressed, talking to people about how life sucks and shit is so rough for him.. but when the question of “Whats wrong” comes up… they say, “Oh.. it’s nothing.”  (Once again, I understand the irony of what I just typed there… from the conversation last night, you don’t need to point it out)

If you’re emo to the point that you have to vent.. then do it.  Because otherwise, it really accomplishes nothing but a lame attempt to garner attention.

If you’re not emotionally intelligent enough to realize that going after someone who is vulnerable and hurt will come with an emotional roller coaster then don’t expect sympathy.  If you want to act like you’re still in Jr High and feel the need to hate me because you believe that I’m in your way… go for it. 

The point is… as Dan says to Drew… dude… “you cock-block yourself.” 

Women want men, they don’t want little boys that they need to nurture and care for.  They need someone who is confident, not someone who is going to cry and rage because something doesn’t go their way. 

I’m really hoping that this finds some way to you and sinks in… because you’re being an idiot. If I was trying to Sabotage you… I would’ve been trying to so a long time ago.. and by the sounds of how you act, it wouldn’t take a lot of effort.  You’re screwing things up far better than I ever could for you.

So get a clue… Grow up… and maybe you’ll learn to actually operate in the face of adversity.  Normal people see adversity.. they resist.. they fight back and they try to persevere.. if you want to just cry because something isn’t going your way, you better get used to a lot of tears in your life. 

Now.. that being said.  I’m done.  Use this as fuel to hate me more, or do the smart thing and take this information and start being a man.. it’s up to you.  Wow you know what I just realized, this is probably just going to be something else that “infuriates” the Incredible Sulk.  In fact he’ll probably look at this as me being an asshole,  I highly doubt this will be interpreted the way it should be… as a favor.  Anyway, the interpretation is out of my hands.  Have a good day.


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