– The New Age –

The Golden Age has officially come to an end.  I’m sure the other participants in it will agree.  Jeff Vineham, Evan Willoughby… it has been a blast guys.  But I stand by what I wrote earlier.  Salmon Fest was the conclusion of our golden age. 

I’m not saying that we wont have anymore fun for the summer, but the three of us getting messed up and always finding something crazy to be at has finished.  Evan is in NS, Jeff is with Carrie, and I’m pursuing my own endeavours.  Our little clique has split ways and has been for quite some time now. 

I’m proposing that the weekend of Friday the 13th, we have that one big last send off to the times we had this summer.  Assuming you guys are still game for going to St. John’s, I think it’ll be the best way to officially put Golden Age to rest. 

The Golden Age
-Evan dancing with a wookie who tried to steal his fedora.
-Jeff telling me some girl was cute, so I talked to her fat, bitchy friend,
-The pitchers at Whelan’s Gate that royally fucked us all up for some reason
-Me, taking a spill outside of Subway.
-Going to a fire, and deciding to return to Evan’s place at 1am to start drinking.
-Evan’s girly scream because of a splash of water.
-Jeff Dancing on the table at the Redwood
-Jeff Dancing on the pool table at Clancys
-Me, instructing Jeff on how to talk to girl, by approaching a random girl.. only to find out that I knew her.
-Meeting Evan’s incredibly HOT sister.
-The Break The Seal Contest that I won.

There’s lots more… it was a fun time guys.
St. John’s next weekend, a final send off to The Golden Age of 2010.


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