– It’s All About Personality… Yeah Right –

Here we go ladies and gentlemen.  I’m anticipating the responses that I am going to get from the female friends I have that will read this entry. “That’s not true, it’s about more than looks.”  I can almost hear the nagging in my head already but really fear of complaints has never stopped me before and it isn’t going to stop me here. 

This entry is about Personality Vs Appearance.  Let’s face facts right up front basically appearance matters.  There is no arguing this point even though I am going to contradict myself at the end of this entry and I KNOW there’s going to be some of you calling me out on it. 

Do you want to know why nice guys are usually staying in their dark corner afraid to venture into the spotlight?  Usually it is because they are fat… they have bad acne… they are just plain ugly.  It isn’t always the case, some just lack confidence for no reason.  But generally it is the appearance of a guy that ends up with him landing in the nice guy category.  It’s difficult to be confident around women when you know they won’t give you the time of day because you don’t have a 6 Pack.  This mind-set follows you into the rest of your life and in essence you end up not having any kind of confidence in anything that you do.  It’s very tragic.

I’m going to say it right outright here, because I have been a lot more confident lately and I’m able to say this without fear of someone looking down on me, and without fear of looking down on myself.  Hey, Guess what world, I’m fat!

I have so many friends that love to rebut this and say, “No you’re not, don’t be foolish.”  The patronization is actually just as annoying as the big gut that I see when I look down.  I know I’m overweight, and I know for a fact that growing up it was a MAJOR reason as to why most of the girls that I’ve crushed on and had interest in were not able to reciprocate.  I’m an overweight individual, but I’m doing something about it.  I know that actually I am good-looking, if the weight was gone I would be awesome. 

Winston Churchill was approached by a woman on the street while he was drunk, and she said, “Sir, you are drunk; very, very drunk.”  To which he replied, “Madame, you are ugly; very, very ugly. I shall be sober in the morning.”

That line has been one of my favorite quotes for many years now.  It can also apply to my situation.  When it comes to dealing with assholes that brag about how many women they can get, and how few I can because of my weight… man, Yeah, I’m fat.. but you’re a prick.  and give me some time and I’ll be in shape.  Pricks can get girls for a period of time, but the real test of a man is if he can keep them.

I am just wanted to rant about the way these women let down the ugly guy.  You have no idea how often I hear lines that are meant to patronize and be as forgiving as possible.  No girl likes to say that, “We won’t work, you’re too fat.”  Although that’ s essentially what has happened in the past.  Girls, honesty is appreciated more than your hopes that you’ll “let us down gently.” 

This works more for girls than guys.. because honestly it seems that is one thing I do respect about the male gender.  For 98% of us, there is no trouble admitting that appearance is THE most important factor when it comes to getting after someone.  It’s more of a girl thing to try to state that appearance isn’t as important as personality.

Here’s the contradiction.  I do look for appearance, however the way I think about someone’s personality actually affects the way I see them physically.  What may be the ugliest beast walking the planet to you, may not be so bad to me if I get to know her and find out that she is absolutely incredible. 

Of course, no one will buy this.. but yeah it’s okay. It’s a rant, not a debate.

The point?  I’m just ranting and raving about the fact that I know that I”m overwieght, and I know I’ve missed out on opportunities because of that.  Not simply girlfriends, just opportunities in general.  I’m doing something about it, but I really wish that the world would stop pretending like it’s no big deal.

Am I wrong?  Will the Smokin’ Hot Asshole NOT get with more women than the Not-So-Hot Amazing Guy?


One thought on “– It’s All About Personality… Yeah Right –

  1. I agree with your approach. I look for someone I am attracted to but more likely than not they aren’t a typically attractive person. It could be I like their crooked nose or the way they smile. If I meet a really hot person but they are mean or ignorant they become ugly to me. As a species we look for physical attraction first, it’s instinctual. Personality can be a game changer.

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