– All About The Pursuit –

Alright well I took a day off from this.  And still had a decent amount of views I’m really surprised.  There are people who legitimately read this blog.  Here’s how I get my entries, for those curious.  Some of you will notice that especially when I’m at work I’m always trying to get a conversation going.  This is because it is through these conversations that a topic will come up that’ll spark a rant.  That’s how it has always been done, and this entry is no difference. 

This is all about the pursuit.  I will as always use it in the context of guy chasing girl cause that is my experience, but it also applies to the reverse.  Albeit different strategies should be taken but the sentiment is the same. 

The Pursuit
Okay, well the main subject I want to talk about is the very topic that sparked my rant.  The pursuit of an object vs the pursuit of the person. 

Is there anything sicker then walking into a bar and looking around and seeing that guy in the corner of the room, or sitting at the bar just looking around basically drooling and licking his lips as he tries to find a target?  Or how about at the 104 when you girls are dancing and there is like 5 guys at least that paid their cover so they could walk in, buy a drink and lean against the rail of the dance floor and watch you dance.   

These guys are the key examples of guys that pursue the object.  What they don’t seem to realize is that behind the Tits, ass, and vagina.. there is actually a person there.  Do you really think they can’t tell when you are just looking to get laid? 

Heh, in fact this society has gotten to such an extreme state of basically every guy doing this, that women just make the assumption from the start that he’s just trying to get laid.  That’s the standard.  It’s said to say it though, but most of the time they are right. What’s even more embarrassing is that this is a paragraph that really only applies to guys.  There ARE girls that are like this, but for the most part it is vice versa. 

Now that I am half way through this I really don’t know if I should continue.  I just got hit with another realization.  Assholes that are looking to get laid, seem to be fairly successful as it is.  What happens if the wrong people read this, get the epiphany of what they need to do, and then start implementing it.  Women will never trust men again…. 

…. wait a minute, the assholes that I know of that might be on my Facebook, aren’t going to read this. Ha ha nevermind, we’re good. 

Wouldn’t it be a great world if the idiots that just want to get laid would just go, jack off, and be content with that?  I mean as vulgar and gross as that may sound to some of you, it would make life easier.  Imagine a world where everyone legitimately only tries to get with the people that they like as a person, instead of looking for just an opportunity for sex. 

….  in the past I’ve been complimented because at the very least I don’t pursue people simply for a fun night.  It is actually one of the highest forms of compliment I can receive from a woman, because I intensely hate being labeled in the same category as guys that think with their penis’.  I will admit that there are times when I may be influenced, but i never entirely think with it.  

My way is, I get to know you.. if I know you, I get to know you better… then if I’m still attracted, then I’m attracted.  Never have I shown an interest in someone simply to get laid. 

The Pursuit of the women is one of substance.  Getting close with someone, and connecting is much more fulfilling then finding a random to ‘throw it in”.  

Guys, you really need to learn this lesson fast if you ever want to be happy with someone.  Looking for the one night stands is great and all but eventually the chase gets exhausting.. and if you haven’t got someone when that happens, there’s a good chance you’ll just end up settling for whatever comes around at the time, even though you could’ve been happy with a couple of different people, if only you were looking for more than just a quick lay.  

Okay, so I take it back.  This post doesn’t really apply to girls, mostly it is just a guys only rant.  Albeit some girls are guilty of this behaviour it is usually the guy.  

Most of the time when it comes to women, you end up running into the hard to get mentality.  The universal safety blanket for them to see if a guy is truly willing to put up a fight for her… if he is willing to make her feel like she is worth a great deal of effort.    And here comes the rant that applies for the women.

 Hard To Get
This could also be interpreted as advice for guys, but more or less a discussion with the women.  Ladies I understand, really I do.  As I said, when you play hard to get you find out if the guy is infatuated enough to keep trying in the face of adversity. 

It’s not a bad strategy I must say.  Since most guys are looking a quick lay, they are not willing to put any extra effort into it.  If you turn him down, (even if you are interested), and he walks away, chances are he is moving on because he wants to find an easier lay.  It’s a sound strategy, and it weeds out the men from the boys.  So I applaud right now the woman who came up with this mentality, and we all know it DEFINITELY was a woman who came up with it. 

Hard to Get works for men too.  A guy that pours out his heart and soul to a girl he likes, and makes it absolutely easy for her to be with him will more often than not get shot down, mainly because without a small essence of the pursuit most girls wont be interested… he’s “Boring.” This is especially true for those girls that are used to getting everything they want, playing hard to get could actually increase your chances of success. 

But back to the women.
Girls, hard to get is a great thing.  Thumbs up on it.  BUT there are a LOT of you out there that really need to think it through a little better.  Because I actually do have friends that will continually bitch and complain to me that they just can’t find a guy.  They can’t find someone who wants more than sex. 

See I do sympathize to an extent with them.  They will go to the bar and a guy will hit on them and then all of a sudden, “Oh god, he has a penis and he’s talking to me, he wants sex.”  So, he gets turned down.  Then guy walks on and finds someone else… okay so That particular guy just wanted sex.    Fast-Forward 30 minutes, a guy comes up and offers a drink and the same mindset comes in, “Oh god he just wants sex.”  … she turns it down, he walks away for a moment, but then later on he asks to dance… “Oh god he just wants sex.”  … shoots him down again.  Last on again he comes up to say he is sorry for being so forward, that she looks incredible and he would like her to accompany him onto the deck for a smoke…. and of course, “Oh God he just wants sex.” … Another shoot down. 

Okay, there’s hard to get to weed out the assholes, but then there is completely shutting yourself out.  This guy now gives up… so of course because he gives up she talks to her friend and says, “See, he just wanted sex.” just because he talks to another girl.  

Quite possibly this girl is his cousin or sister, and he’s telling her about how he just struck out with this girl who wouldn’t give him the time of day, and how he longs to just find someone he can get to know… 

See the problem here?  Hard to get is one thing, but girls that treat guys like this.. ruin it.  That guy may have been the nicest guy ever, and they could’ve ended up in a relationship and she could’ve been happy for years to come, BUT.. he’s a Guy, and he’s talking to her.. therefore he wants to get laid and he’s trouble.   

It is sad, because this isn’t a girl I can help either.  Because what am I going to say, “You should give men a chance.”  then if she does and unfortunately she switches from impossible to get, to gullable and naive.. she’ll end up hurt and it’ll come back on me.  So… Yeah.  I guess all I can say is girls at least keep a somewhat open mind… keep it guarded, but keep it open. 

Play it by ear, and trust in your judge of character or at least have a friend that has an opinion that you respect to come with you… you need to find the happy median between rejection and acceptance.  

If you close yourself off to the male gender… do NOT complain to me that you can’t find someone decent.  

****..::I’m appending my own entry here after it was already posted.  I want to make it known that the example I used was just meant to illustrate the point.  I DO know that there are great guys that will give up after the first attempt, as well as guys looking to get laid that will persist.  The point of the entry is for you girls to judge use on a case by case basis, and not generalize us because we are guys.::.. ****

So, in short?  

Guys..  Hey newsflash.. there is more to a woman than her “fuck-holes”.. there is actually a person there.. don’t forget that, or you WILL die alone. 

Girls.. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.. just because we have a Penis, do NOT mean we’re assholes that can’t be trusted..  Keep an open mind and use proper judgement.  Don’t be naive, but don’t be too rigid either, especially if you want to find someone.


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