– The Weight Of the World – Prt.2

Okay, I wanted to make this public knowledge.  It has been under a week since my entry entitled “Weight of the World” where i proclaimed that I would no longer make excuses, that I would for once in my life take losing my excess weight seriously.    Since then I want to say that I have failed.  I have eaten A&W, McDonalds, and KFC all since that post.  I did go to subway but today I might as well have gone to Rotten Ronnies because health wise I can’t see a Chicken bacon Ranch sub being nutritious.    Especially when you add mayo and ranch to it.

So, Albeit this is a very short entry I just wanted to reiterate my original intention, and tell you all that as of July 26th, 2010.  The plan is in motion.

I want to thank Bonus who sent me a novella of a message explaining a method that works for him and may be beneficial for me.  Dude, we got to have a chat when you gets home.

Here is a stunning additional to this lifestyle that I am not sure how my party-friends will take.  Aside from eliminated carbonated soft drinks and fast food.. Alcohol is gone too.  I’m not going to try and find the best alcoholic drinks for weight loss, because honestly I don’t care enough about drinking to worry about that.  It’s going to help me get where I want to be, as well as keep money in my pocket that I could use on more important things.

I do have a inner rant that i want to get out into the blog, I’m sure that’ll come out later.
But yeah, so Round Two begins tomorrow.

Day One…

….  How many day ones will I see before this actually works?? ha ha wish me luck.