– The Date –

I knew this title would get at least Two Specific people to click on my blog link.  Tsk Tsk. 

Last night I went to Clancy’s.  It was just a typical status-quo Thursday.  The influx of new people has already lost its appeal because we have returned to the point where everything sounds the same yet again.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I was outside and I heard this Oasis song coming from inside.  It’s not like it hasn’t been played before, and I’m not saying that it was the best performance I’ve ever seen, but I went in to listen. 

Michael Perry was sitting on the stool, and doing a very good rendition of the tune.  I’m not entirely sure why but I kind of got lost for a moment.  “Stop Crying Your Heart Out.”  With all the female-related situations that I have been involved with in the last 6 months, I just… well like I said… I got lost in the song. 

“Don’t Be Scared, You’ll Never Change What’s Been And Gone”  – This goes back to my rant about regrets, but inexplicably last night it hit me like a freight train. 

So I’m blogging today. That tends to be what I do when there is something on my mind, even if it is just mindless banter. 

So, Last night I must say was the absolute worst date of my life!  Like it was absolutely terrible.  First of all, Me and Stacey decide last week we really want to see Inception.  (The Movie was absolutely incredible too by the way)  So that’s all well and good.  

Now the very first problem that made this date a train wreck was that, I didn’t even find out until I was at her place that it was a date.  Eden happen to be there and informed me that it was a date, honestly it was news to me. 

Second problem, I just find out when I pick her up that it’s apparently a date.  I’m not ready for this.  I got no aftershave, I have no flowers, nothing planned.  *Sigh* 

Then, throughout the entire date, Stacey continues to keep yelling ‘It’s Not A Date!”   So, I mean how well can a date be going if the girl doesn’t even admit to it. 

At the movie.. we just sat there.  There was no yawn and stretch.  No hand holding, no Nothing… 

The only thing that made it a date was the fact that I paid. But that’s only due to me doing something to her months ago, and Informing her that I owe her a movie. 


Okay, now before people start believing this… last night with Stacey was NOT a date.  I understand the assumptions and I understand why some people would think otherwise.  Everyone knows that movies are absolutely terrible first dates. 

A first date is something you use to get to know the person on a more intimate level.  Hanging as friends doesn’t have the same effect.  On a date you learn their ambitions, their dreams, you learn about the person that is under the surface… if the date is really successful they let you in.  

A movie is NOT a first date event, because you don’t get any real talking in.  You go to the theatre and the movie is what entertains her, NOT you.  You don’t learn anything about her other than what parts she finds funny, or scary.    My first date with someone would be a lot more intimate than that, and would be in a setting where conversation could occur. 

Anyway, Thank you Stacey for either one of the best non-dates ever, or the absolute worst date-date of my life. 


You know what is really funny.  I actually just diverted my own thoughts in my own blog.  I was actually about to open up entirely with what I am feeling concerning myself & female companionship right now… but I actually changed the subject myself and diverted it to a story about the accused “date” with Stacey last night.  

This has got to have severe psychological ramifications. I’m avoiding the topic on a rant to myself.


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