– The Seasons Of Life –

So, it’s 2pm.  Thursday afternoon and I am soon going to be leaving work.  Tomorrow is going to be a massive pain because I have endless amounts of work that needs to be done by Monday. 

Actually, I don’t have anything to say.  I really don’t.  Every major topic on my mind has been discussed.  Until something actually happens to me to trigger another rant I must say I”m pretty much tucker’d out.  Pun intended.

This summer has been probably the most eventful season of the last decade.  The first decade of the 2000’s is going in the books, and it could very well be the most intense one yet. 

Seasons – that is a topic that Candace and I have discussed, and I’ve educated a few friends about it.  I might as well take this opportunity to enlighten the rest of you.

Have you ever noticed that life works similar to a television show.  Bare in mind the format of tv shows.  They have their seasons.  The beginning usually introduces new characters, and new locales, it is basically a fresh start.  Season finales usually either end with a huge dramatic event, or the tying up of said loose ends that began in the premiere.

Look at your life.  Drama-filled.  But have you ever noticed that a lot of the times there are like 3-5 major things happening at one time and they come out of no where.  There is your season premiere… then you’ll find some closure, or some huge even will take place that basically has you floored, and you spend the immediate future after recovering from or enjoying that event.

Here’s an example.  This summer began roughly 10 weeks ago.  Me and Jeff Vineham were okay friends, we didn’t truly hang out all that much.  But, all of a sudden we started to.  We an epic weekend and it went from there.  2 weeks later I took Evan Willoughby out to CB with me and therein lies the “golden age” season.  Evan and Jeff were new characters introduced.  The location kept changing because instead of merely clancys we were at gillies, the gate, all over town.  We discovered “Golden Age of Video” which had then become a song that we play at the beginning of the weekend celebrations.. and we had two months worth of complete insane and amazing weekends.  I also had a complete break down, where everything was destroyed and built back up from the scratch and I have never felt more like myself before. 
That was the beginning of this particular season.

 – – – Fast forward to now.  Salmon Festival has come and gone.  Honestly, I felt the onset of a season finale.  Things are a changing.  We played Golden Age at salmon fest, but it wasn’t the same.  I didn’t feel the epicness.  So the excitement is dying.. Jeff has gone and got himself a girlfriend… i”m ecstatic that it worked that way cause they are both great for each other and seems to be what each other needed… but it does pre-occupy him and hanging hasn’t been the same since. (not that it’s a problem lol).. I have been spending more time with Stacey and Kelsey, a.k.a two new characters introduced mid-season.  And well, it’s just not the same.

I feel like Salmon Festival was out season finale, and now we have a cool down period before shit (good or bad) hits the fan and we enter the next.

Life works like a television show.  If you are truly curious about this concept and my example wasn’t clear.  Come talk to me or msn me and I”ll explain it some more ha ha. 

But for now, I bid you all adieu, I’m going to try to get some of this work done.


4 thoughts on “– The Seasons Of Life –

  1. The reasoning for the Gold Age song failure, was sorta because it was played on a cellphone, and NOT a large set of speakers.
    WHICH WILL HAPPEN the next time.

    BUt I do think the last weekend of the season will be this weekend.

    Sorta like at the end of a show when we see everyone settle down and live happily ever after….

    …until the next season when a NEW antagonist arises. But you know what? We heroes will rise and conquor all obstacles, and do what friends do best.
    Stick together.

    1. hahaha, I’m still sticking to the original thought. Salmon Fest was the season finale, it hasn’t been as epic now for a couple of weeks. Right now we’re in cool-down mode until the Season premiere. 😛

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