Don’t Look Back In Anger

I’ve ranted and I’ve vented about regrets in the past, mostly in person.  So I thought I would electronically let the rest of the world know my take on this.

Regrets – Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future. 

In the past I have dwelled for years on the mistakes I have made in the past, and the decisions I feel that I made wrong.  It was a crippling time in my life where I was stuck in those regrets to the point where I was completely incapable of moving forward.  These days I do look back on my life and see things that I did that could be perceived as not-so-noble.  I wish I didn’t hurt Candace, I wish I didn’t treat Danielle like dirt, being two big memories that I mention here from time to time.  However, would I change anything?   Well now that’s a very different question.

Everyone has their issues of something they have done, but too many people put their life on hold and keep staring behind them wanting to change something.  I say Nay.

I know there are things that I could have done better, and definitely decisions that were not the most beneficial at the time.  But, here’s what I do.  Anytime I look back and see something that I think I would like to change, I ask myself… “Do I Like Who I Am Right Now?” …

It’s a simple question eh?  Well, the answer to that is that, despite being overweight which I am working on at the moment, I do enjoy who I am.  I consider myself to be a good person.  I’m not a perfect person, but I am content with who I am, both personally and emotionally.   

I’m assuming everyone is familiar with the Butterfly Effect.  No, not necessarily the movie, but the actual theory.  A butterfly flapping its wings can set in motion a breeze that can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world.  The ripple effect that you would need to consider if you wanted to change even a minor fault in your past is something to broad to even consider.  Every little decision would be affected.

There are a lot of disasters that have occurred in my life that I would kill for the chance to see what my life would be like if they didn’t happen.  But, to have an opportunity to change without seeing the consequences, No way.

Regret can be a beast that holds you down like a 200lb weight attached to each ankle.  You can’t let the past haunt you in the present, or you forfeit your future. 

You done something wrong that you regret?  Don’t pine and bitch about it.  Apologize… make amends.   Set things right.  You should never look back seeking change… Looking back on your life should only be in an effort to locate wisdom that you have obtained through your life experience. 

Life is too short to want to modify your previous years… keep moving forward.  Be who you want to be, and as long as you are a fan of yourself, no one can touch you.

No Regrets… = Living Your Life.

Side Note.. Day One – Lunch Break.  Didn’t Pack a Lunch… Sooooo Tempted for a quick McD’s run, however Opting to visit Minal haha thanks m’dear. 🙂


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