Last To Know

I’m not going to lie here, I was looking forward to 3 Days Grace at Salmon Festival, but it isn’t like I was uber-pumped.  I was actually more excited to get to see Doc Walker than 3 Days Grace.   That being said, 3DG’s set was amazing. 

Last To Know – completely floored me, I was not expecting anything like this from a band like 3DG.  It doesn’t mimic my life quite like it does for Mr. Jeff Vineham who has been pumped since he first heard it on Saturday, but I was still impressed. 

– Treat Them Right –

So it’s back down to this.  No, I am not going to get on this computer and elevate myself above all the other guys that have provoked this entry.  I am no better, in fact if you ask Danielle I actually fit into the category of the “asshole” that I may or may not define in this entry.

But there are numerous friends that I am talking to right now, and one in particular that I have given up on, that have talked to me about guys/girls. 

I’m not going to be saying Guy/girl throughout this whole entry.  So I’m just going to use guys as the idiots and girls as the victims, but that’s only because that is what I’ve come to see as being the most common situation.

What I don’t understand is a guy that is with a girl who is out of his league entirely.  She is absolutely stunning, intelligent, funny, understanding… and what does he do?  He flakes off on her, saying that he’ll come over but then not show.. not even text to say he won’t be there. 

Or how about the guy that will walk down the street holding her hand, and then a car comes into view with a few of his buddies inside, and all of a sudden the hand is back in his own pockets leaving the girl with a confused look on her face?

What is with it?  You have these women that are desperately seeking the guy that’ll make her feel like Royalty (while at the same time not being a obediant pet just doing what she tells him to)…

Guys that are managing to get the attraction of the best girls is just throwing them away and getting away with it.  Not only does it mean that they are having their fun, before discarding them… but it is also ruining the name and reputation of guys as a gender to that girl… 

Speaking as what is usually part of the clean up crew when the pricks have their way, I can tell you that it’s never a good feeling to be talking to someone who is incredible, and hear them talk about how all guys can’t be trusted and they all go bad in the end.

It kills me because I know one thing, I know myself now.  I understand the mistakes I’ve made with Danielle, and I have been putting every ounce of energy I have to make sure that I never treat anyone else that way again.  I believe the relationship with Candace showed that I am capable of that… I understand that it really is rough that me and her broke up, but although that did hurt…  I stand by my belief that I still didn’t mistreat her.

Not just talking about myself… I know guys that would easily be able to prove those girls wrong.  Dave Beck, Johnny Pardy, Jeff Vineham, Aaron Pittman, Adam Diamond, I really could keep going. 

Like I was telling one of my friends today who has seemed to have absolutely no faith in men whatsoever… Once you find a guy that was attracted to you with his brain first.. before he started thinking with his dick…  you’ll see that there are worthwhile members of the Male gender.

This being said.. I wish I could castrate 95% of us.  I’ve gotten to a point where I’m beginning to think that the reproduction of our species should be down through artificial insemination.. and relationships should be outlawed.  It seems like both sides hate each other, and it is not very often when two people come together successfully.  There’s way too much hurt in this world due to failed relationships, that it is weighing down the ones that work.

I really want to prove him wrong, I know I can. At my core I know that although I have been neglectful in the past.  And even at the start of this entry I said I would not try to exclude myself from the problem here.  When reading the examples and thinking of the particular people in my life that have inspired this entry, I know I am capable of better. 

I refuse to let assholes continue to reign free unchecked in this world.  Something must be done, and until I can find a way to get away with murder, I’ll just have to keep being damage control.

If you’re with someone.. BE with them.  If not, then do the right thing and DON’T BE with them.  That sounds pretty straight forwarded doesn’t it?


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