– Intoxication –

If you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows, you might tell them sorrows know how to swim – Quoted from PS I Love You.

Okay, I’m in the office.  It is 1hr until I leave here and prepare the car for our roadtrip to Grand Falls for the Salmon Festival.  I should be stoke, but frankly I’m not.  This weekend is going to be enjoyable, and it’s going to be a pretty great party I’m sure.  I think though, I’m rather bored with partying. 

I’ll admit at the beginning of the summer with Evan and Jeff, drinking was fun and the parties were amazing.  I had a great time.  It has been pretty blah lately.  I just haven’t enjoyed my time the last couple of times I drank.  I haven’t really enjoyed being drunk in a long time.  With Salmon Fest coming up it would appear that we’re supposed to be drinking.  I mean, who goes to Red Cliff and doesn’t drink?

I’m really considering it.  Other then having the occasional beer here and there I’m not all that about drinking much anymore.  This thought has brought up a rant in me that I needed to get out.


There are a couple of things involving this topic that I semi-vented earlier to Hailey.  But I decided to put here as my shift winds down. 

“I don’t need alcohol to have fun.”  This line has to be the biggest pet peeve that I can think of at the moment.  When you say this to someone, are you really trying to say that they DO?  I do not NEED alcohol to have fun, but the times when I do feel up to getting a buzz, I ENJOY it.  It’s not a necessity it’s a want.  Lately I don’t drink it much myself to be buzzed, but don’t act all high and mighty because you decide not to have any.  It doesn’t make you better then anyone else that drinks the stuff. 

Alcoholism is a big problem for a lot of people, that doesn’t make everyone that drinks an alcoholic.  I am quite content with a drink here and there, and occasionally the buzz on, I wont spent rent money on booze and hang out by myself and get drunk.

There is a BIG difference between 2-3 beers, and getting drunk.
Personally, 2-3 beers dont’ harm my behaviour whatsoever, and if I were to drink that amount after eating a big meal, after a few hours I’d even consider myself fine to drive.  I generally try to avoid driving when in that position, but we’re speaking hypothetically. 

Having a cold beer, on a hot day, to go with my BBQ is not something i see as a problem.  Alcohol is not the problem, it’s addiction that becomes the problem.

This all sounds like I’m uberly advocating getting drunk this weekend, doesn’t it?  Truth be told this rant is the end-result of the feeling that I really do not think I am going to drink at Red Cliff.  I am not in a drinking mindset, and although I’m hoping that I’ll be proved wrong when I get there, I think I’ll have more fun in Stephenville this weekend than I would in Grand Falls.

The jury is still out on whether or not this mood will pass and I’ll be completely plastered in Central Newfoundland this weekend… as it is now, I doubt it. 

I’m sure it’ll be an awesome time either way.

Red Cliff Rocks Eh?

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Alcohol by Rustyfi
Drunk by Visark


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