– Rejection & Fear –
“Courage is about doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”  —Eddie Rickenbacker 

It’s a scary thought isn’t it?  Rejection has dictates so much in the span of your life.  Everybody wants to be accepted… they want to belong.  There is so much fear of not being accepted, it causes people to lose touch with their common sense and to do stupid things.  I know I am undoubtedly guilty of that.   But in recent weeks I pose the question.  Why?  

Why does rejection strike fear into the very essence of our being.  Fear of failure has been prompting mankind to a stagnate state lacking any real initiative since the dawn of the human brain.  The moment that our race started connecting emotion to action and no longer just survived on the basic needs… fear of rejection and failure has been crippling us. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Seriously.  What is the harm in applying for that job even though you don’t think you are the best qualified?  Is someone going to hunt you down and call you out because you tested the waters?  

Why not ask out that attractive girl in the curly hair, green shirt, and purple purse?  What’s the worst that’ll happen. She’ll say no?  

If you regret a decision, what is the harm in trying to make amends?  Talk to Her.  It can be any worse than her telling you to “Fuck Off” and that she hates you now.  At least you know. 
Or Vice Versa, someone else made a decision, you still don’t agree with.  Talk to them, maybe they feel the same way?  Who knows? 

How about get up in front of the bar and sing a tune at karaoke?  Big deal if you suck or not, it’s fun.  What’s the damage in this?  A few drunks will laugh… chances are not even remember it the night before. 

Rejection.. embarrassment.. Fear..  These are like debilitating diseases that everyone suffers from.  There are people who claim that they are not afraid of anything… hell I am one of them.  But, that is always a lie.  I am afraid, I’m deathly afraid of some things.  Rejection used to be one of them.  

I’m afraid that I will fail.  That someone will come to me and need help, and I will not know what to do.  I’m afraid one of these times I will not say the right thing and I will lose someone. 

Fear is a motivating tool.  No human being is without fear of something.  

The true measure of a man is how he deals with the natural human weaknesses, like that fear of rejection. 

I’m 24 years old and I spent about 23 years scared to death about what people might think of me, and worrying about not being embarrassed.  It’s not something I am completely over… I still won’t do any shirtless activity.  Swimming for example is something I once loved to do, and now I just don’t enjoy it.  And no it isn’t even something that someone can fix and say “lets go at night, no one’s around”  I legitimately conditioned myself to where I do not enjoy swimming. 

You can’t live your life not attempting because you might fail.  It’ll lead to a stale, boring life.  Take chances… be embarrassed.  It’ll do you some good. 

If you want to get something, reach.
If you want to do something, try
If you want to be something, BE. 

There is no simpler way to describe life.  You should not be bogged down with aspects like fear.  To be rejected is not the end of the world.  

It Simple as that.  It’s just life that complicates it. 
Stop Being Afraid And Do What You’re Thinking!

Pictures From Deviant Art
Rejected by PapercutCherry
Rejected by SuchaDream



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